Evangelical Priest Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Truck – Skull Completely Crushed

Evangelical Priest Commits Suicide by Jumping in Front of Truck - Skull Completely Crushed

74 year old Evangelical Priest Sebastião dos Santos Sousa, who had been suffering from depression for a while (did he discover the God he believed in doesn’t exit? Hey, who knows, maybe Zeus appeared in one of his dreams and said “hey sinner, you didn’t believe me uh? Well, i’ll let you know you’ll be burning in my hell for ever), committed suicide by jumping in front of a truck on the BR-101 highway near the city of Itabuna – Bahia, Brazil.

According to his friends, Mr. Sousa had been saying he was going to commit suicide but nobody really took him seriously. Perhaps the lack of support from his network of friends is what eventually led him to commit himself in his decision to end his life.

And here’s what I don’t understand. Evangelicals take the bible very seriously, and don’t they know that suicide is a sin? And how can someone with God on their side be depressed, especially a minister? Most people claim it’s this ‘spiritual guidance’ that helps them overcome times of distress, so how can someone be sad if they are blessed with God’s love every day? Or are they? Not meaning to stir up religious debate, seriously, but this awoke my curiosity on the subject, once more.

It’s a bit ironic since I know some Evangelicals who go to church because they are going through some form of hardship, whether financial or personal, and resort to the church in search of some sort of appeasement for their ailments, in search of compassion, empathy, solidarity, socialization, and little do they know that those they seek help from are depressed themselves..

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. I think your confusing Evangelist with Catholic priest. Evangelists are not Catholic priests and are not known for molesting children, but thats not to say it never happened before, it could have. There are many false teachers/pastors/priests who are not really men of God and are not Biblical.

    1. Ah, thanks for that mate. Interesting and has a few other details that were not mentioned in the other article I found about this case. Apparently he had tried suicide before by the same method, laying down on a busy road. This time he laid down in front of the back wheels of a truck (indicating the truck was immobile). The dude just laid there and waited for the truck to start and run over him. The truck driver didn’t even notice a thing until he reached headquarters.

  1. Interesting post @portugese dude. This guy is a bit of a contradiction. If he truly believed in his god you would think he would have been scared of the consequences of killing himself. Well, have to hand it to him, he didnt fuck around with his method of death. I wonder was the truck driver a Muslim extremist? Local truckers reported a faint allahu ackbar crackle through the CB right around the time of the accident. Smokey and the infidel.

    1. A Christian or believer in Christ is not exempted from any shitty physical or mental ailment that a non believer can experience in this life. It can be harder actually, having to go against popular opinion and such. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Also , the battlefield is the mind and as Christians we are to guard our hearts and thoughts from ideas that come from our adversary. We choose to accept or reject a thought. This is a skill we have to master and excersize . If we neglect this, the word of God and fellowship then we are at greater risk to be overcome. I know because I’ve been there a lot. I have weaknesses and temptations, questions and doubts but what stands out for me is that I can always get up and try again no matter how hard I fuck up. Gods kindness causes me to choose to want to be better. Not just a fear of burning. Hell wasn’t made for man but for Satan to be punished. If man, a being of free will chooses Satan then he is under Satan’s rule and obviously goes where he goes. Know this, any man alive now can always turn to Christ. Never too late.

        1. @odgoso i agree. i would consider myself a christian and ill still come out and say that the church today needs to wake the fuck up. the bible is very clear in saying that the news of god should be delivered typically out of love and not by condemnation. im just as big a piece of shit as the next guy. however, i no longer carry the burden of sin and guilt that i have in the past.

          1. yes killa…and it brings peace to afflicted hearts they say,there must be something to it as some folk seem to have an aura of peace an contentment about them.

        2. If a church does that they are doing it wrong. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. He was condemned for all. A person simply has to accept the gift. Say it with your mouth and believe it in your heart.

      1. @realitycheck, i know no human, regardless of religion or anything else, is exempt from these feelings. Its a universal thing. Even animals get depressed. I just found it a bit unusual to see a post of a priest that had killed himself. Its not your regular suicide.

        1. Yes I can’t say I have either. What bugs me is well known and trusted preachers doing things that cause people to curse God . They will be held to account for that. Not speaking of suicide but majorly scandalous shit like ripping people off or murdering etc.

      2. This is true about lifer becoming more difficult when you become born again and a true follower of Christ. The closer you get to God, the more obstacles the Devil throws your way. When you become a true follower of Christ you deny yourself of all fleshly and worldly desires, pick up your cross and follow Christ. Whosoever shall save their life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose their life for the sake of Jesus Christ shall find it. Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of Jesus Christ, when you become a true follower of Christ the whole world will hate you and go against you. It is not easy being a Christian.

        1. You say Christian but you sound like a whiny Jew. If you have true reverence for life, all illusion disappears. It may seem difficult to you, and trust me, I know what it’s like to walk a different path, but even the difficulty is an illusion perceived by the body and mind, not the spirit. The spirit gladly accepts these challenges. I’m sorry I don’t mean to come across as an asshole, but complaining about persecutions for religious beliefs is very outdated and inflammatory, and like this dead talking puppet, I think it is also contradictory.

    1. I was just alluding to a pre-conceived notion that people have that the belief in a god is supposed to resonate in the form of comfort and peace of mind, especially considering the fact the man in the article was a priest and should transmit to others a sense of tranquility and a message of knowledge of what lies beyond this realm of reality.

      1. Yeah just go ahead and ignore the millions of people who kill themselves who don’t believe in god. Its definitely only the religious ones. Haha. Look at what has happened to the culture in the US since its become less and less ‘religious.’ Its a mess. Is religion the answer? Maybe not. But Id kill myself too if lived in that piss pot.

        1. You didn’t understand the contradiction I was trying to underline in this case. I was trying to say that not even the bliss of his belief in God nor the fear of going to hell by committing suicide were enough to deter him from killing himself. Telling me that he wasn’t that strong in his convictions.

          And of course non-believers in a God can feel depression.

  2. Believers probably have as many reasons why they commit suicide as atheists do. Depression can be caused by chemical imbalances, family history, medications etc. Because you believe in God it doesn’t mean you magically aren’t ever going to suffer illness or tragedies in your life. His friends should have taken his suicide talk seriously and took him to see a doctor to be evaluated. RIP Padre.

    1. From experience and having talked to many people, I believe Atheists are less likely to develop depression or feelings of sadness if compared to the religious populous. Simply for the fact that Atheists know that this life is all we have and should be lived to the fullest, without regrets, helping others along the way, spreading the truth and enjoying it in it’s full magnificence this wonder called the Cosmos that took billions of years to evolve. Personal tragedies affect us all, very true, and people deal with these events differently from one another, but they are part of the natural cycle of life, and are something that has to be accepted as inevitable, despite bringing feelings of sadness.

      I do agree that I am no one to judge other people’s decisions. In the article I was just curious about these issues that afflict people.

      1. A bit off topic, but seriously, with this never-ending argument of a God/Creator’s existence, what’s the latest in the scientific community these days regarding the origins of everything? Did they find the “first cause” already? Was there even a need of one? It seems they reached the dead end of knowing how the Energy, or the “God’s particle” so to speak was

      2. I remember reading a study a few years back which had non-believers at a slight, statistically insignificant lead over believers when it came to suicide. Worth mentioning on this point is that religious people in the US had slightly higher divorce rates than non-believers. Ultimately I think believing/searching for a higher power proves insignificant when facing the real challenges in life. What path to take, who to bring along and when to kick the bucket etc.

      3. Well said. If there is a God, it set up an amazing template of life for us to enjoy and be in awe at. The idea of God as a person, or some sort of wrathful entity, creates a network of ideals in one’s head that can never be met. Maybe he realized God as he knew it had failed him, and that decades of blind evangelism could not be forgiven in the short time he may have had left. Cowardly, yes, but I still think there is a chance he can now speak with, and know his true maker, for I believe he is pure love and forgiveness

        1. You could also argue that “God” is the main reason people are so divided. Some people “have god”, but still continue to judge those who they see unfit. Westboro Baptists come to mind.. Their “god” demands that they persecute all those who go against biblical ideology. Does the world really need more “god”, or should we call it by its new name. Infinite Abundance.

          1. Obviously man has propagated it’s own current situation, but as long as there is a dude named god, we will never know peace as a race. To assume that Christianity as we know it is good for everyone is absolutely absurd. I do believe in a higher power and intelligence, but we need to specify what God is. Is it the white bearded dude that hates us, or is the ever flowing source of light and goodness? That’s all I’m saying. Words and religion are beyond antiquated. They’re downright obsolete.

  3. This guy says he didnt mean to stir up religious debate well then why the comment?? Maybe he killed himself because he was old and little girls didnt find him attractive anymore so what does god have to do with that ?

    1. This dude spent his life preaching the supposed word of the almighty. Deceiving with words of comfort and peace. His suicide was almost like him telling his followers he was a sham. Doesn’t really have anything to do with god, but the lack thereof.

  4. I dont get this atheists…especially this PortugueseDude a fellow comrade as i too hail from the great land but this guy is atheist yet he is against multiculturism….so whats the problem? There is no god,there is no religion,we are all the same right? So lets embrance multiculturism….

    You have to make up your mind man

    1. Respect to PD, a great contributor, but what causes stir is that most atheists nowadays, especially the young ones, wear atheism like a brand. They are like militants, picketing in schools, gov’t offices and churches. Well, nothing wrong with that if they want to lobby religion out of their gov’t policies, free country. But most neo-atheists just congregate around like hippies and cultist lead by their prophet Dawkins mocking other people’s belief and calling them stupid. The sheer arrogance of these young ones, like they know everything about anything.

      You can say I’m agnostic but that’s something I’m not proud nor ashamed of. As if my life would get any better if I’m not. We are fucking students in this vast and sad lesson called life, and even Stephen fucking Hawkins haven’t scratched the surface.

      1. abdul..i can tell you as of right now my life is absolutely sad and pathetic and im not even going to bother you with the details i will tell you this ..i havent had sex in over a year.

        However in this 30 years i had on this planet,with many downs like the one i have now,i also had ups..i lived a great fucken life,i had many moments of true happiness so i gave thanks for have been born and for being alive,but that is my experience so far…

        1. How do you get through not bumping the uglies man, I went for almost a full week without getting my prick wet and I was going insane man, nuck nuck is my stress reliever besides pot, just wondering why you haven’t had any sexy time.

          1. Im not even a bad looking guy ,im average i guess i just been depresed lately because i been living away from home and it seems like im not in my natural habitat so i cant function normal ,i understand that might sound strange but honestly that is it

    2. How do I know God doesn’t exist? How do you know Minerva, Zeus, Thor, Khirsna don’t exist? What makes your God, which I assume is the one of the Christian bible, any more real or relevant than all the others that have been invented throughout the last few thousands of years and dismissed by most people as fake by now?

      My comments hail from the right I have of freedom of speech. I have nothing against religious people, but I do have against religion, which has been the source of a lot of pain, death and destruction for a long time now.

      We all evolved, but know that Caucasians and Asians have Neanderthal DNA as opposed to Negroids, who don’t have any, just to cite you an example, that we also have higher IQ’s, on average, that we have created most of the world’s technology and relevant inventions that permit the modern life we lead. We are the result of the past 100 thousand years of subsistence in a climate that forced our adaptation and mental skills to go to lengths no other humans were forced to. This, is why multiculturalism and miscegenation are wrong, because they destroy this genetic code that took a long time to develop and allowed us to be successful as a people.
      And does it look like it is working to you? Go to Finland, really, go ahead. I have family there and boy oh boy do they tell me the “wonders” of multiculturalism…

      Sem ofensa p?. Todos somos livres de nos expressarmos como quisermos. N?o foi minha inten??o ofender-te. T?-se bem? 😉

  5. Hey PD, great post as usual, but can I just try to explain a misconception? Depression isn’t necessarily feeling sad. It is a mental illness. I know the feeling all too well. It is not like someone can just tell me to “cheer up mate”, it is a deep rooted feeling of there being no future, no way out of a black hole. It feels like the whole world is crushing you from inside. God or no god, telling someone with depression to cheer up, is like telling someone with cancer to just not have a tumour. It is hard to explain unless you have been there but it really sux. I hope this kind of clears things up a little, it is far deeper and more involved than just “being sad”. I hope you understand

    1. Disagree. Believing depression is a ‘mental illness’ ( which is a weird expression in itself ) will only make you feel worse. It’s not an illness. You can physically feel ill from a low state of mind, because body and mind are one and toxic thoughts will create toxic feelings. But it’s a state of mind. The word says it already, something is pressing you down.

      1. While suicide is a sin, it is the Roman Catholics who believe someone who commits suicide cannot enter Heaven, not all Christians. That is why if you commit suicide you cannot be buried in a Catholic cemetary. It is between them and God if they can enter Heaven or not, but someone that commits suicide could enter Heaven.

  6. A belief in a God is not a perfect method of obtaining contentment and peace in life and most people just pretend to be happy even when they are sad and much like any other method, alcohol, drugs, etc, it can still leave you feeling empty inside.

    I guess people in general should just get used to feeling empty inside, especially the women, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

    1. Negative thinking leads to negative emotions. Positive thinking leads to positive emotions. Most people who are depressed have gotten into the habit of thinking negatively or feeling sorry for themselves. A psychologist gets you to change your negative thinking.

      1. @POZ.

        That’s a very simplistic way to look at it. You can get depressed millionaires and happy paupers because it entirely depends upon the events in ones life and your ability to deal with those events.

        A millionaire will not get depressed because of a rise in energy bills because they have ample means of paying for the rise however they will get depressed if diagnosed with a terminal illness because they lack the means to change their situation.

        A poor person will get depressed if they lose their jobs in the middle of a recession because they know that with the state of the economy and the obscene amount of cheap immigrant labour around they will be out of work for a long time to come which means they lose they homes as well and often their family too.

        The above two situations cannot be changed via positive thinking and therefore positive thinking becomes pointless, sure they can keep on trying to recover but this is real life we are talking about and most people will never be able to recover, the odds are simply stacked against them, they are trapped in an unfair game of survival.

        My conclusion, psychologists are for the most part useless because they rely upon either getting the person to remove the stressor, which in the above two examples they can’t, or getting the person to change their perspective via cognitive adjustment, which in the above two examples wouldn’t work.

        Psychology only works with Psychological based problems that have no physical precursor.

        1. It seems simplistic, because it is. You decide what you think. If you lose your job, you can keep a positive attitude and say to yourself, it’s OK, I’ll find another one, or you can say to yourself, I hate this, I can’t stand it. Your emotions are completely in your mind, they are not outside of you. You decide how you think about things. Events don’t control your emotions, how you think about those events control your emotions. The reason different people have more or less ability to cope with stressful life events is because some people figure out that your thoughts are all voluntary. You don’t have to think about something. It’s called thought stopping. A poor person losing their job, a rich person getting cancer, they don’t have to feel depressed if they don’t want to. Depression is voluntary. Most people who are not trained in Psychology don’t have the knowledge or skill to change their thinking and emotions, so they need to go to an expert to guide them. You don’t need to change negative situations with positive thinking. You change what you think about that situation. Lot’s of poor people are happy, lot’s of rich people are unhappy. If you lose your job, you can think devastating thoughts about it, or you can accept it and repeat comforting thoughts to yourself. Countless numbers of people have been helped in therapy, most assuredly many people didn’t kill themselves because of a skilled therapist. It’s not the negative situation that makes you depressed, it’s the thoughts that you voluntarily have about it. It’s as bad or good as you think it is. It’s all in your mind.

          1. I would add, you are having negative thoughts about therapists and therapy. It’s called resistance. You don’t believe therapy works, you’re wrong. You can’t go into therapy with a resistant attitude thinking it’s not going to work, or even spending lot’s of time trying to outwit your therapist. If you go in with a cooperative attitude and really try to apply the techniques, they will work. You would probably need a seasoned therapist to talk to.

          2. @POZ,

            A person with cancer can choose to be either happy or sad but they will still have cancer therefore a person with a physical problem can choose to be either happy or sad as well but it will not change their situation.

            False happiness can be like giving a pair of boxing gloves to a man with no hands, utterly worthless. Why smile and say thank you when you are about to get your face blown off by a bad bastard, I prefer to feel real, to hate and despise and regret, but that’s just my opinion.

          3. Being depressed, and having depression are 2 different things. Someone who has cancer and is about to die may be depressed, but that doesn’t mean they have depression.

      2. Ask anyone who suffers from chronic depression if its voluntary. Sometimes its a mindset, of course, but sometimes its chemical. These pages are filled with people who believe people are meat and electro-chemical reactions, yet pitch holistic remedies using thought to cure ailments pertaining to the brain. Next time my sister-in-law feels a seizure coming on, I’ll tell her to think happy thoughts, lol.

  7. Will you be Prepared when the Elohim returns
    Whats your main concern? Its like people never learn
    As the world turns, tell me will you stand firm?
    Or be another germ caught in the earth when it burns…

  8. Speaking from someone who suffered from depression and is God fearing, life does get you down sometimes. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean that things always go your way and life is smooth sailing. What someone people don’t understand is that evil, the devil, is just as present as the good in the world. Thing is, you have to know how to deal with your mind and trust God. Man, I know I’ll get crap for this, but oh well.

      1. Sorry, but also to add.. Having faith means allowing yourself to see the truth about yourself and others, and we all know that can be ugly.. The beauty in confronting the unpleasant things about our world is that the mind then has an objective. Subconsciously, it will start to sort through the ideas you have introduced to yourself, and you can reach personal conclusions that lead to true comfort. Evolution is bliss.

    1. I agree with you as I am a sufferer myself. A lot of people seem to mistake “depression” with being “depressed”. As I stated in my comment above, depression isn’t necessarily feeling depressed, or sad. It is so much more than that. And although some people who have no understanding of the condition at all may disagree, it is a mental illness. A chemical imbalance of the brain. Telling someone in depression to be happy, is equivalent to telling someone emphysema to stop struggling for breath and just breathe normally.

  9. depression and suicide dark thoughts can come to all our lives. Doesnt matter who you are what you believe or do. RIch or poor.
    . We all face problems and so on. Every day is different. Many people who seem very happy and nothing wrong suddenly suicide. Those people probably have something rotten in soul and havent figured it out and just gave up this circle of life.
    Because he believes god doesnt make him stronger, dont be so suprised. You could have thought hes in safe, another level mentally, but there could be again other reasons why he quit
    If he would maybe do yoga too or something else beside priest, then maybe could have stretched over finish line somehow normal way. He wasnt that far off i assume

  10. @Portuguese Dude, I understand what you were saying. It’s amazing how many people took that out of context, with what seems to be the sole intent of finding something to be offended by.

    On my own personal note, fuck Christianity and its followers. Christians have been just as detrimental to humanity as Islam, just in sneakier ways. From King Constantine to Paul the Apostle to Fred Phelps, they have been spreading hypocrisy and filth for centuries. Let them all burn.

  11. Suicide has been my choice for a very long time growing up but I just never had the guts to do away myself because I knew somewhere, somehow my life does have meaning still. I don’t think about killing myself anymore, but all these depressing, dark, regretful thoughts still surface in my mind. The only thing we can do is move on, at least in a healthier way as possible. This past winter, been researching on this Albert Camus, I can relate to him in many way. Suicide isn’t the answer to avoid the Absurd; you must find meaning in life before death comes naturally to you…. Face reality in other words….. Religion is fucked up as it is, I stay far away from this imaginary friend so many people worship….. “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.” Recognize that this world we live in is real, uncensored, illogical attimes and that we must overcome the obstacles rather than avoiding them or making up excuses. Live to the fullest. Leave the past..

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