Public Bus Rear-ended by School Bus in Texas – Passengers Tossed Around

Public Bus Rear-ended by School Bus in Texas - Passengers Tossed Around

I never usually find the reality of people getting hurt entertaining, and I feel kinda bad for laughing at this one too, but come on… It’s just hilarious.

A public service bus was pulled up in Texas when it was rear-ended by a school bus driver who wasn’t paying attention. School buses often travel early in the morning, it’s not clear when the accident happened but maybe he dozed off. The bus had CCTV and the resulting human pinball is epic.

The dude they interviewed comes off worse in a squish between a bulkhead and a rather large gentleman, but my fav is the guy who whams his head off the pole then bounces back and hits his head off another pole. Pure reality comedy!

Check out a video of people flying everywhere in a Texas bus crash below:

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57 thoughts on “Public Bus Rear-ended by School Bus in Texas – Passengers Tossed Around”

  1. The footage from inside the bus reminded me of the Earthquake game in Takeshi’s Castle, I was waiting for a small Japanese guy to come in and say to all the passengers that had fallen from their seats “disqualified, you leave now, you not come back”.

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  2. This guy knew how to instinctively fall and fake an injury in hopes of compensation. This guy slams on a fatty that acts as a cushion, then he pauses thinks and down he falls to the ground. Now says he has a back injury. Brilliant, this guy is good. He interviewed for court evidence for trauma, pain and suffering all that jazz. P.s this is a big problem in texas, the bus drivers are not regulated like they should be. This driver got fired (and he lucked out) because what these people get paid they are better off getting unemployment) Any idot wit a TLC license drives a school bus in texas, mostly white suburban moms and grandmas with nothing to do.

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