Railway Worker Dives to Save Drunk Man from Certain Death by Train

Railway Worker Dives to Save Drunk Man from Certain Death by Train

Shout out to all who’ve been around long enough to remember the “dived to shield his girlfriend” bullshitry we were exposed to a few years ago, before I got Canadianized.

Video below is one of few rare exceptions depicting what appears to be the real dive to save another fellow Earth inhabitant. The diver is a railway worker, who noticed that a drunk man was struggling to cross the tracks with his bicycle, and with train fast approaching, faced certain death.

The worker ran, and risking his own life, dived in front of the train to bump the drunk off the machine’s path. The drunk probably didn’t even realize his sorry ass was just saved.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Railway Worker Dives to Save Drunk Man from Certain Death by Train”

    1. Not a fan of human beings under the best of circumstances, but I am happy when my disgust for the human disease is proved wrong on occasion. True heroes are as rare as magic, so it’s good to see someone make an effort once in a while to exercise that quickly disappearing humanity.

  1. I would have let him die crushed by the train !!!! I would have enjoyed the scene !!!!! worse for him and stoned !!!!!perhaps and fiction !!!!! impossible not to hear the noise of the train !!!!!!

  2. i cant stop laughing at the end…

    did you see that too ? at the very end ?
    the worker just starting hit the drunk guy like : “you son of bitches you gonna die now from my hand”

    hahahaha he just start hitting him

    1. I think the drunk guy probably decided to continue to stand on the tracks, despite the worker trying to explain to him that he risked his life to save him. I would kick that guys ass if I risked my life and he didn’t take it seriously.

  3. 一男子救下另一名男子,然后男子的同伴跑过来,对另一名男子一顿暴揍打死人这名男子。

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