Range Rover Falls from Freeway Overpass in Sochi, Russia, Driver Survives

Range Rover Falls from Freeway Overpass in Sochi, Russia, Driver Survives

CCTV video from Sochi in Russia shows a Range Rover entering an icy road after exiting a tunnel, plowing the rail, and falling from freeway overpass onto the road below. Miraculously, the driver and passengers survived the fall. Notice how just before the Range Rover goes over the rail, an SUV also understeers and hits the rail, but does not go over it.

The video reminded me of the accident involving the little blue Focus that got double tapped by two semi trucks, yet the driver survived.

Here are also three videos of the aftermath. That cabin looks still intact. It is mind blowing the driver and two passengers walked out of that upright. That’s some impressive safety, Range Rover:

35 thoughts on “Range Rover Falls from Freeway Overpass in Sochi, Russia, Driver Survives”

  1. In soviet russia, british engineering saves YOU!… 😆

    I got impressed how theres actually a person that ran to assist them, not knowing their condition… in Russia of all places… 😯 What kind of sorcery is this!?… also… whats with the fucking gay ass fucking music on the third video?…

      1. Ok the first two are cockroaches and rats, until Myth Busters does an episode proving or disproving that, I’m in that camp of believers.
        Then there is the Russians in the Land Rover but I totally short changed the Japanese with their ability to survive 2 nuclear bombs and Fukashima they have a glowing and proven track record.

  2. I remember some time ago there was a car chase in California LA area (there’s one every week) where this guy had stolen a range rover, I believe brand spanking new, and the cops spiked his tires and the damn thing was still running on the rim until the whole rim basically sheared off and still ran for a bit more until it finally gave in. After that Range rover sales went up ahaha. Crazy tough vehicles.

  3. How did he get so far? There are at least 70 meters from the fall point to the point the truck is on. He must have been going really fast, imagine how’s to be inside there, nothing like GTA San Andreas.
    By the way, plenty of the comments here are pure gold.

  4. I’ve saw people fight over parking spots guess the range rover thought that be quicker to get there taking shortcut. That or maybe thought doing this would get them handicapped parking spot which is even closer

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