Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea

Bloody Neck Wound

Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer - Not a Good Idea

This can be summed up with two words – Female Driver! Rear ending tractor trailers with passenger vehicles is never a good idea. Not only are you and your car going to end up leveled, the tractor trailed you have rear-ended will look like it doesn’t have a scratch.

Speeding and texting are not a safe combination no matter how you look at it. Not even on their own are they a good idea yet when you see a young female driver it’s pretty much a given that she either speeds or texts behind the wheel. There’s always a tractor trailer on the road waiting for you to run into and scoot under it until it near cuts your head off.

Gallery of pictures of a young woman who died after collision with tractor trailer she rear ended at high velocity is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Rear-Ending Tractor Trailer – Not a Good Idea”

  1. This is why the use of mobile phones in cars ought to be banned, especially for female license holders. Some poor bugger out there presumably loved this person. Their life, to some extent, will now be ruined due to her unhealthy relationship with mobile phone technology.

  2. In the states it’s mandatory for semis to have safety apparatus (Jayne Mansfield bars) to avoid a car going underneath the truck like this… I think it’s a safe bet to say having a mandate like that could have saved this poor girl’s life. When I first saw this, I was like, “oh, that gash in her forehead isn’t deadly,” then I saw the neck wound… sheesh. Reminds me of Nikki Catsorus (sp?)

  3. Okay, so she was texting and driving? I have no pity. I’m glad she died and didn’t get anyone else hurt. Dumb bitch, this is why I’m afraid to be on the road nowadays. I almost wish I drove a semi…

  4. I agree with Usagi post #9. Get the F off the phone..God I fucking hate cell phones!!! Really.. ppl take it way too far..No one needs 24 hr 7 day a week access to everyone they know..except spouses. Or parents..1 person who is that close to you..other than that? call the house phone!!

  5. They should arrest people if they are caught on their phones and texting. Stiffer penalties will get peoples attention. Distracted drivers and drunk drivers are the worst they will cost peoples lives. I hate when people are on their phone i want to run them off the road.

  6. Jesus christ, the ignorance is fucking real. Can we just stop for two seconds, stop being sexist morons, and think logically? A person does not choose which sex they are born. A vagina is just a vagina. A particular set of genitals, does not inhibit a person from doing something. A vagina does not inhibit your ability to drive any more so than a penis inhibits one’s ability to cook food, that’s fucking ridiculous, why would it? Driving is a learned skill, just like cooking, fishing, bike riding, playing an instrument etc. And what is between your legs does not prevent you from learning anything. Let’s also stop and think for a moment that 75% of car accidents are caused by men. And all but a mere 10% of drunk driving cases and fatalities caused by drunk driving, are caused by men. Men also make up half of all texting and driving incidents. So can we stop pretending that women are the only bad drivers when men are just as bad if not worse? You would think a gore site wouldn’t be so gender exclusive considering you have a large portion of females on here.

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