Reckless Taiwanese Driver Causes Accident by Overtaking on Blind Curves with Double Solid Line

Reckless Taiwanese Driver Causes Accident by Overtaking on Blind Curves with Double Solid Line

While driving up wavy road, this 81 year old Taiwanese driver kept recklessly overtaking other vehicles on blind curves in spite of double solid line. Eventually, Karma caught up with him and he crashed and rolled over.

Four months later, instead of acknowledging his fault, he turned to blaming Lexus for his three broken ribs, because no airbags deployed when he crashed.

What’s truly baffling is that he had a dashcam, but still drove like a complete and total asshole. Taiwanese drivers are horrible to begin with, but elderly Taiwanese drivers are the worst:

Here’s the video of his crash filmed by the bus’ dashcam. It shows him rolling over:

In this video, he’s interviewed by a TV reporter. During the interview, he goes on a long charade, blaming Lexus for ending up with broken ribs and hurting back, while never entertaining that his crash may have been caused by him driving like an idiot:

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      1. @danielray… been missing you too baby! let me wipe off those tears, just been very busy with lots of things after i go back here in the Philippines…

        @wicked mama.. thanks for asking… im doing great how about you?

        1. I did not know the ccr is that populair in taiwan. That they play it on the the radio. (Unles its a cd). And this was not a cover but creedance clearwater rivival – cotton fields

  1. Dumb ass geezer. Driving like he’s young, dumb, and full of cum. That scenery, though… Oh, well. He’s probably been appreciating it his whole life. I’m just sure of it. πŸ™„

    But holy shit. 😯 That Taiwanese news broadcast… It’s like I was on acid during it. To them, our news must be about as exciting as watching cows munch on grass in a pasture, on a lazy afternoon.

      1. I watched an elderly couple leave a bank the old lady was walking with a blind stick wearing the giant blacked out blind glasses and was being helped across the road. I could tell that she clearly could not see shit!!! Old man seemed fine for his age. Geuss who drove! Crazy old man put his wife in the drivers seat and jumped in the passenger side. No seatbelt either. Ofcourse i geuss they could have just revamped thier will and decided it was time, but holy fuck pick a less terrifying way to go. I got outta my car and went for coffee till i was sure they were dead or gone.

  2. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing some dipshit, in a rush to go nowhere, flipped over in a ditch after he passed you up with a dangerous maneuver that put your own life at risk just mere seconds beforehand. “That’s what you get sucka!”

      1. Fools like him live forever @mama. Sometimes I think people with a slower functioning noodle in their noggin outlive the ones with higher functioning noodle because their brains get so much rest from lack of usage. Low mileage on that noodle of his.

  3. The first video, especially in the tunnel kinda looked like a road course on the old school Gran Tourismo 3. The old man owned it until he got to the bus.

  4. Is this the same guy from the other video? With the windshield wipers on to fix the cracks
    After pummeling pedestrians
    He’s back at it again
    I love how insanely reckless his driving is.. It’s like there’s no one else on the road!
    Lol at when he curses or something after that last car beeps its horn at him hahaha I wonder what he said?

    1. He said “kao bei ah” (???), which literally means “crying father,” but it is a vulgar way of expressing discontent with someone else’s actions. Kind of like saying “What the fuck you doin’, motherfucker?” in English.

  5. He deserved everything he got for being such a twat. That’s one of the worst pieces of driving I’ve seen in a while. How the fuck he’s made it to 81 driving like that, I don’t know!

    Also where the fuck does an 81 year old Taiwanese man have to be in a such a hurry?

    1. The slanted eyes, nostrils and mouth sometimes resembles a zipper coming together. Especially true of the Vietnamese and Cambodians. Cartoonish drawings of them with exaggerated features is likely where the name came from.

  6. He’s lived a long life. I don’t have the slightest clue as to how he could have lived so long with this type of behavior.

    His family should schedule an appointment with their Veterinarian to have his selfish old ass euthanized so he won’t be able to harm anyone else.

    An automobile is NOT the same as a horse and buggy, you selfish, bullheaded, careless old prick. Automobiles can and will injure or kill other people, you dipshit.

    1. Midlands, UK? Just guessing. I have an acquaintance who lives in the Midlands and “Proper Dickhead” sounds exactly like something she would say.

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