Remains of Fatally Mangled Woman Put on Stretcher and Taken Away by Ambulance

Remains of Fatally Mangled Woman Put on Stretcher and Taken Away by Ambulance

Remains of Fatally Mangled Woman Put on Stretcher and Taken Away by Ambulance

Even though I got no factual backinfo, it has things like people walking on bloodstains, a guy wearing a shirt saying “KILLER”, and somebody scooping up blood and guts from the road with bare hands, so it could be from Indonesia.

The video shows an apparent aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The corpse of a mangled woman is on the road hugging its foot. The guts are spilled out and torso twisted out of shape. A responder untangles her, puts her on a stretcher with the assistance of a guy wearing a manpurse and a motorcycle helmet, and loads her into an ambulance van that takes the remains away.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Remains of Fatally Mangled Woman Put on Stretcher and Taken Away by Ambulance”

        1. @Sphincterpison#59535
          You’re old fashioned but I have standards.
          Dinner is fine but if I’m buying a movie ticket those remains better still have an in-tact vag and at least one boob left.

  1. Before cell phones people died with a little dignity. Now you get mauled by machinery, run over by some drunk Vietnamese bull dyke truck driver, or beheaded by your local cartel gang and you are forever remembered on the inter-webs. as is not as your were! But hey there’d be no Best Gore I guess.

  2. Fuck! Now I get that these shitskin, Third World dumps have billions of people, over crowded streets and all, but how in the fucking hell do so many of these feral animals get mowed down, splattered, sprayed and spewed by large vehicles? Are they not fucking paying attention in the streets? They step off of and in front of buses and trucks and ride their scooters in front of them. What the fuck is going on? How the fuck do you step in front of a vehicle that is going to spin you around and suck you in and rip your guts out and splay what’s left behind it in a bright red pile of shit?

  3. If you’ve ever stepped on a bug as soon as you look at it you can see its guts out and the bug is very still. This lady here reminded of all the times ive stepped on a cockroach or some beetle. Just lying there with its organs out and totally fucking dead

  4. Do they get paid on a “corpse per hour” basis.?
    Because those fuckers were just… BAM … Load that shit in the van…
    Then.. SLAM..
    We’re the fuck outa’ here.!
    Gone, gone, gone muthafuckas.!
    But… Did you see that fucker at the end.?
    Using his cupped hands to scoop that innards shite up off the road.!
    Something tells me he’s done that before.!.!.!
    What do reckon the chances are of him washing & sanitising his mitts before he eats his dinner.?
    I’ll go for.. Fuck all chance.!!

  5. Call me Sherlock, but the murderer is clearly the guy with the “KILLER” shirt. Could it be more obvious? His friend tries to pull him away from the camera, but it’s too late: we’ve got him on film. They say that killers often like to hang around among the crowd watching the emergency services at the scene, and here we have an example of that. “You’re nicked, sunshine!” as our wonderful British bobbies like to say.

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