Remains of Man Cut in Half and Dismembered by Train

Remains of Man Cut in Half and Dismembered by Train

Even though I didn’t get an background info about this video, it has the flair of India or somewhere nearby.

There have been so many videos of people cut up by trains in India, it’s impossible to keep track of them all. They all start looking similar after a while, so I checked to see if this one has already been posted, but couldn’t find it. Hopefully I didn’t miss it.

The video shows the remains of a young man who was cut in half and dismembered by a train. Many people who get cut in half don’t die right away, but this one seems pretty dead in the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @aidsquiltednorthern

            Nearly every parent in India wants their son to be a doctor or a engineer. It’s held in high regard. If you become a doctor then you are set up for life. It’s considered the most stable, secure and respectable option. There’s no retirement for a doctor. You can practice as long as you want and even if you stop, you will still have the respect that you are a doctor. While, if you start a business for example, you can’t be sure if it will be successful or not and you just might end up in debt.

          2. You seem to know a lot about India so I’ll ask you … is there a Payless or a Foot Locker anywhere in that country of a billion plus people? And do you think that more Indian parents should encourage their children to become shoe salesmen? It seems like an untapped market …

          3. its pretty shitty tbh. Parents force careers on you in india. Apparently, if i dont get a degree in physics, i’d have ‘disgraced’ my family. Lucky people in the west can do whatever the fuck they want in life.

    1. 90% of the people killed or cut up by trains are suicides. Very rarely do accidents happen. It is the most common method of suicide in India. This is why they have posted cops/traffic police near some select few railway tracks now to stop any possible suicides.

  1. WHERE ARE ALL THE FLIES?!? This is fake its not from india there are no where near enough flies on that corpse and on these peoples faces/nostrils/eyelids. They think they can fake a train death hey? Not on my watch

  2. He was still smiling and his hair was still styled up and his collar was popped up I am sure some girls want the other half of him. This site has seemed to get a lot more p0litical correct I remember there used to be a lot more dirty remarks on the comments then there is nowadays.

  3. Trains & India are like bread and butter, they are better together than alone. Looks like that faggot wanted to commit suicided by train (instead of suicide by cop, very common in amerikuntlandia), but he ended up like that ugly midget from Freaks (movie from the 30’s)

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