Remains of Man Ripped to Pieces by Train

Remains of Man Ripped to Pieces by Train

I’ve heard different accounts regarding this video, one stating that the man committed suicide by train, the other than he was accidentally hit by a train.

Either way, the encounter with the train left his corpse ripped to pieces. The video shows the people dealing with the mangled remains, while a policeman pretends to be busy writing his notes.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Remains of Man Ripped to Pieces by Train”

  1. where o’ where is terry tate and the reebok commercials from yesteryear speaking of the forthcoming pain train … when, will realize as a society, that those videos were not only fucking hilarious yet somehow very educational … i’ve yet to get hit by a train and wholeheartedly thank terry for that

          1. Whatever he’s writing is not visible. The people are speaking Hindi not Punjabi and there are not so many Muslims in Indian Punjab. It could be Pakistan but the man seems to be writing from left-to-right and not right-to-left.

      1. And in Pakistan Punjab, they use the Shahmukhi script which is nearly identical to the script used in Urdu. It is also written from right-to-left. While, in Indian Punjab, they use the Gurumukhi script which is written from left-to-right like Devanagari.

  2. The same familiar nokia ringtone again. I have heard it in another video with ISIS soldiers communicating between groups. IN the past I had the same exactly cellphone as well. Now smartphones rule. Curious and unexpected are sometimes the small things that unite humanity as a whole. Be it goat fucking ISIS members, suiciding Pakistanis, Europeans and sub-Saharans.
    Seriously now, can we make campaigns in those Asian countries to encourage suicide rather than immigration to Europe? We want more of them like that guy, and not inside our borders.

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