Remains of Mangled Couple Pulled Out from Under Truck in Indonesia

Remains of Mangled Couple Pulled Out from Under Truck in Indonesia

Today is all about Indonesia. And it’s a traffic accident as well.

The video shows corpses of a mangled couple being pulled out from under the truck that apparently ran them over. Both seem to be dead, but the woman looks far worse than the man.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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99 thoughts on “Remains of Mangled Couple Pulled Out from Under Truck in Indonesia”

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      1. Although the established knowledge is that you only get HIV through blood or sexual fluids, there is still the possibility of getting something else through ingestion (skin absorption or inhalation).

        I’d wear gloves for the pure ‘yukk’ element alone. These people who died that horrible death, could be part of the Great Unwashed, ya never know. You can smell those lot on an underground train on a hot summer’s day.

          1. stephgw64 Yes, it has occurred to me also, i mean bananas and genitals that is. people are weird. Even gloves, i mean have you seen a chef in a cafe wearing disposal gloves then handling the uncooked chicken, then the salads and then the pork? Is he protecting his hands because he sure ain’t protecting the customers.

      1. It’s a typical sexist statement, What he means is because the woman is no longer presentable as a sex object she has become far worse looking. That’s a joke …but it sort of makes sense to me now. I confuse myself.

  1. Wow! No respect, no formality and worst of all, no fucking gloves! Filthy fucking vermin!

    Stepping in the blood, stepping in the guts, then they’ll go wash their hands off in a roadside gully full of water the little gooks shit in.

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