Remains of Senior Citizen Run Down by Truck at Zebra Crossing

Remains of Senior Citizen Run Down by Truck at Zebra Crossing

Remains of Senior Citizen Run Down by Truck at Zebra Crossing

The video shows the remains of a senior citizen who was run down by a truck at a zebra crossing. The truck quite literally turned the person into the road.

Apparently the incident happened in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It actually could be. The person filming speaks English and the sign on the bus seems to be in French.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Remains of Senior Citizen Run Down by Truck at Zebra Crossing”

      1. I’ve always had my suspicions about zebra crossings. You’re relying on the drivers to stop. I never use them preferring to cross when the road is clear rather than trusting a driver to stop.

        1. A clearly marked zebra crossing is freshly painted, which means it hasn’t been tested yet. Sorry, I’ll volunteer hitting the golf ball over the new bunkers without minding the new scorecard. That’s as adventurous as I’ll allow.

        2. Here in France they have zebra crossings at the roundabout exits so as you’re turning and you’re supposed to be checking your blind spot you have to also be checking the fucking zebra crossing it’s dumb as fuck

    1. Uhm maybe by looking at how easily his body got wrekt by a bus. Kinda like a ripe strawberry is hard while a strawberry that’s already in decay is slushy like and easy to squeeze. Ones gonna get smashed easier than the other. Am I right? Please someone throw me a bone here.

    2. Well fuck me, people die in Canada too ?? T-rippy shit……
      PS. Do have niggling doubts about this actually being Canada…… for starters where is the 10 feet of snow, Alanis Morriset and horsey cops ????

    1. God keeps OAPs up his nose? Explains why they’re always so grumpy then! Imagine if he sneezed there would be a spray of leaked piss and overpowering flowery perfume. I hate the way you can smell an old lady in the room even before you see her eugh

        1. As long as I have my wits about me I will endeavor to smell strictly of whiskey with a slight whiff of cat when I reach old age 😀

          I’m already halfway there actually… but which half? 😉

          1. HAHA!! @xsookiex

            C’mon now, let’s think more positive….

            You will have your own private island, where your cats can roam free; eating an endless supply of fish. You will have your own distillery behind your castle of LOVE… And you will smell of flowers and honey sickles; for that is what the ground is made of 😀

          2. Ooh now that does sound rather nice @seraphim-serenata although marrying a billionaire then him drowning in a yachting accident might be in order. My cats would be so pleased and I’ll outlive all my relatives so they never get to see the inheritance.

  1. Yo dis muthufuka got wasted big time. Well on the bright side he died like a champ. He’s a winner in my book. He won’t have to live until he loses his dignity of being able to walk to the toilet by himself.

    1. This happens last tuesday morning in Montreal on the corner of Gouin blvd and London avenue. The victim is a 65yo man. The truck was on Gouin blvd and crushed the man when it turns on London ave. The driver of the truck never saw the man and doesnt stop.

        1. Sorry John, I think you’re right. My bad. Really similar truck/pedestrian accident happened in montreal this past tuesday leaving the victim so mangled that responders at first was unable to say if it was a man or a woman.

          1. Hey, no worries! Yeah, thats brutal. I actually looked that one up after you mentioned it. Seems like pedestrians getting run over that bad is a big problem in Montreal. I live in Edmonton and while you hear of the odd person getting hit you don’t really hear it being this bad. However, there was a guy run over by the C-train in Calgary today and thats a common thing down there.

    1. Thanks… now I’m having flashbacks to ob/gyn and family planning… did part of my rotation at a county health department. I saw more stds and smelly tuna than the average hooker or Starkist. Blech

  2. Considering this happened in a wealthy western country where the topic and sight of death is strictly taboo, it amazes me a starched creaseless white sheet wasn’t thrown over the poor victim before he even stepped onto the pedestrian crossing…….

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