Rescue Workers Collecting Bodies of Traffic Accident Victims in Bolivia

Rescue Workers Collecting Bodies of Traffic Accident Victims in Bolivia

Night time accident occurred on a remote road and many people died. Rescue workers were called in to collect the bodies. Everybody was dead.

I believe the video is from Bolivia in South America. Can somebody confirm if you recognize the accents? I don’t have any further info:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Night time accident and many people died, could’ve been bus accident since they happens so much in Bolivia the roads are shit and up in the mountains so buses constantly fall of the edge of the roads, could’ve been a rock slide, mud slide, wet roads, driver error, etc etc shit driving on a tiny ass mountain road at night with a big ass bus has bad written all over it but that’s the only way the majority of people who live in Bolivia can really get around.

  2. Definetly Bolivian, at 00:21 mark you can hear “Los camilleros estan en La Paz” The orderlies are in La Paz, La Paz is Bolivia’s capitol city.

    at 1:30 “this is the worst, this one is so fucked up”

  3. Some weird stuff in this short vid. 1. Why did the Nokia get so much attention and care while the bodies were treated like cargo? 2. What was with the one dude picking up an arm and dropping it? Was that how they check for vitals in Bolivia? “Yep, the arm fell right back down so this person is confirmed dead.” 3. What’s with the random squeaking noises?

    And maybe its all the fps games I play, but if I see someone standing spread-legged over a corpse, I expect to see a good tea-bagging! This dude should have siezed the opportunity, LOL.

  4. Yes it’s bolivian.
    this accident happend in the (in) famous road.
    that takes you from La Paz city to Los Yungas town.
    It’s a higly appreciated tourism destination despite the high possiblities to find yourself face to face with the dead.
    You may search for yourself in google or youtube.

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