Reunion Driver Takes Off with Cop Half Inside

Reunion Driver Takes Off with Cop Half Inside

Reunion Driver Takes Off with Cop Half Inside

The incident happened in La Réunion – an island belonging to France in the western Indian Ocean near Madagascar.

On Monday July 27, 2020, members of Gendarmerie de La Réunion – a local police force, pulled over a driver of an SUV on the Saint-Paul seafront. With a cop half inside the vehicle, apparently trying to yank the driver out, the driver took off.

The injured gendarme eventually fell out of the vehicle. Not a whole lot of gore in the video, but I think this is the first time we see content from La Réunion so it deserves a share.

Props to Best Gore member @alex_k34 for the video:

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        1. @HamburgerBob
          See how hard that Cop hit that tree man?? I’m surprised that it’s almost a miracle that he did not end up with much more serious injuries dude. Like i thought that at the very least he’d end-up with a broken back, snapping his Spinal Cord like a twig Bob.

          @I‘m not sure if you are aware but fuck you
          I’d rather have anything else but me balls run over brother. Cause just the thought of it makes me cringe, and big-time. So much so in fact that you couldn’t even ram a pencil up my arsehole with a 32 Oz Eastwing Framing Hammer, as it’s tightening up just thinking about it, lol. 🙁

          I’d rather go with Brian on this one except for the backing-up part, forget Da-Balls straight for the melon brother, i’m good with that, off to heaven with Me Balls intact, lol. 😉

      1. I always had a thing for the blond cop on that show…what was his name? Jon? Anyways…yeah, that show was one of my favs…right up there with starsky and hutch….which I will add I had a thing for the blond one there too…apparently I enjoy the fair

  1. the island of Reunion is a French territory and not a colony classified as world heritage by UNESCO as much for the beauty as for the culture! here there is little racism the white black arabs chinese christian muslim indians live together besides we represent the interbreeding of the cultures of religions and people …
    and like everywhere in the world there is violence except that here we are less savage than in many so-called “civilized” countries

    I was born and live on this island and I am proud of it

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