Reversing SUV Hits and Runs Over Two Elderly Women in Russia

Reversing SUV Hits and Runs Over Two Elderly Women in Russia

CCTV video from Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, a city in the Khabarovsk Territory, Russia, shows the driver of a Lada Niva SUV hitting and running over two elderly women while reversing to leave the parking lot.

The way he moved them and carried on over them was very Chinese of the Russian driver. There was hardly anyone around him. It was just those two old ladies and otherwise a whole whack of empty space. A female driver could have reversed out of there without an incident. Errr, never mind.

Props to Best Gore member @Zaz220 for the video:

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43 thoughts on “Reversing SUV Hits and Runs Over Two Elderly Women in Russia”

        1. Piece of crap indeed bud, Car & Driver included. I cannot believe that some people still back-up their Cars without even glancing at what might be behind them. This asshole could not blame it on a blind spot or anything like it, as a quick look in his drivers side mirror would have avoided this tragedy altogether! Fucking Dummy.

    1. Blind spot for a right hand drive vehicle, perhaps…should be plain as day in this driver’s wing mirror…if the crock-of-shit vehicle had one, that is.

      The bodyshell looks a fucking 2CV on big wheels…

  1. Didn’t read the description, thought, “well, they might have some broken ankles or something, but they should live” and then he proceeds to just continue running them over well after hitting them.

  2. yes! i watched this solely for the topic of the video..its nice to see those bitches under the wheel for a change, instead of behind. i have a pure-natural hate for snowbirds(winter visitors) in the state of Az..all year from oct-apr. go away or die in your bed peacefully before next yr rolls around.congestion: is the word

  3. 1. The parking lot is pretty much empty, there is at least 50m empty space after that car
    – Cool, let’s stand behind the last car
    + I start the car now, brum brum
    – We’re not moving
    + I am not looking
    + Bump
    + Wtf, I’m stuck
    + Maybe I should stop or go forward?
    + naah, it only needs some more speed
    + bump, bump
    + Wtf, still stuck…. better check this out
    + Omg, there was something there, behind the wheel. I thought it was an invisible/imaginary bumper….

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