Rickshaw Driver Riding Wrong Way Causes Headon Collision with Truck

Rickshaw Driver Riding Wrong Way Causes Headon Collision with Truck

Rickshaw Driver Riding Wrong Way Causes Headon Collision with Truck

I got no backinfo on this one. By the looks of it, it’s from a country where they drive on the left, have rickshaws and a lot of motorcycles on the road. India, perhaps?

The video shows two different angles of a headon collision between a rickshaw going the wrong way, and a truck. The first part of the video is a CCTV camera footage, and then a footage from a vehicle riding on the correct side of the road, filming the rickshaw in the wrong lane.

I’m not sure if the rickshaw driver wanted to prove something to someone, or thought it was funny acting stupid on the road. I guess “luckily” it was the truck he ran into, cause that way he was the only one injured, whereas if the truck didn’t stop him and he collided with another rickshaw or a motorcyclist, an innocent person could have been seriously hurt.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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34 thoughts on “Rickshaw Driver Riding Wrong Way Causes Headon Collision with Truck”

  1. Why would he be driving like that? Cannot believe he did that on purpose! He must have lived otherwise we would see 800 people leaving the scene. Too bad, that was a prick move

    1. Additionally, I watched the whirlpool video. Since you posted it I just knew there would eventually be a giant whale turd and a wad of seaweed ass wipe swirling around the vortex. There was not.

  2. Does the driver not even suspect he is going down the wrong way?
    A big barrier separating twin lanes with traffic on the other lane going the SAME direction as you, is usually an indication, lol.

  3. Retarded braindead indian piece of shit, I am glad he crashed into a truck, hope he is dead and the truck driver ok, hope his fucking family pays for the damage that the truck received, natural selection at it’s best, fuck that guy

  4. Well, he had ample chances to turn around and head in the right direction so I don’t think it was a mistake and he managed to swerve a number of other vehicles until he got to the truck. I reckon this was a suicide attempt.

    But, really, who cares?

  5. Wow the comments in this thread ate satire gold, I love it. Natural selection at it’s finest just glad no innocent people were killed. I do still have a soul to keep thadt I am rather fond of. ✌✌✌✌✌

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