Rickshaw Jumps Like Leopard to Take Down Pedestrian

Rickshaw Jumps Like Leopard to Take Down Pedestrian

A rather bizarre traffic accident involving a rickshaw was caught on CCTV in an undisclosed location. Could be Pakistan, or thereabout?

The video shows a seemingly normal, every day situation on a road in that part of the world, when a rickshaw comes at a pedestrian trying to get across and literally takes a leap to jump him like a leopard. The hell is even going on? Them rickshaws be crazy.

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    1. Adolf Hitler Great design those machines. It’s working out just as planned Adolf. They’re killing each other off without having to waste any Zyclon B on the retards.

  1. There were like 5 people inside the thing, a shift on the weight made it skid but to run over and smash the poor flipflopian, guy had the same chances to win the lotery or a shit sandwich, he got the latter. I like the foreign voiceover at 0:04, commenter felt the pain when flipflopfuck slammed his head on the pavement.

  2. You almost had me? You never had me – you never had your car… Granny shiftin’ not double clutchin’ like you should. You’re lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake! You almost had me?

  3. These mothafucking Rickshaws are murdering bastards!
    They killed my brother in the Hot, Hot Summer of 76′

    I killed as many Rickshaws as they killed Fleshy-Viruses.
    I still wake up in a hot sweat dreaming about it.

  4. Rick-Rolled by a Rickshaw. Good video, though next time i’d like to see 10 of them standing in a classic Bowling-Pin Triangle pattern, and watch the Driver go for a Strike. Anyone can take down one. Let’s make it an official olympic sport.

  5. A deep background investigation revealed the rickshaw had a troubled history. From its first days as a pedal-powered 3-wheeler fresh from the factory, it had been involved in several incidents in which it suffered dents, scratches, bent wheels and even a broken handlebar upon which the original owner was found impaled.

    When it was converted to a human-drawn rickshaw, its new owner was a heavy drinker who ran it off the road several times. It was no surprise when he apparently drowned in two inches of water in a small ditch by the side of the road with the rickshaw’s back wheels on top of him. Multiple tire tracks across the driver’s back were unexplained.

    Found years later in a junkyard by a motorcycle enthusiast, it was converted to the motorized version you see in this video. Although it tended to have questionable steering at times, and many small animals were run over by it, the new owner thought those occurrences to be merely random…until now.

    As is clearly seen in this video, the owner tried to steer left to avoid an accident. The rickshaw, however, immediately veered right and accelerated, rising like an avenging dragon to destroy the pot-bellied pedestrian who dared challenge its right to own the road it traveled.

    The rickshaw is currently being held without bail while undergoing psychological testing to determine suitability for trial. Possible charges include murder and failure to signal lane-change.

    — as reported by Fair Witness
    (Greetings humanoids, and welcome to my first post here.)

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