Road Accident Aftermath Mexico

Road Accident Aftermath Mexico
Road Accident Aftermath Mexico
Road Accident Aftermath Mexico

Aftermath of a car wreak involving a single vehicle that happened in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on July 22nd. The Driver said it was caused by excessive speed and he lost control. The car collides with the side railing, impaling it right through the center.

The aftermath is worth seeing. The first video shows the collision on scene. A boy is slumped over with one leg ripped off and blood spilling over the steps out onto the road. He takes it like a champ while the seemingly less injured woman in the front seat whimpers the whole time, let a man bleed in peace jeez.. She definitely hangs onto her phone the whole time as well. You can see another man pinned between the steering wheel and the seat. And there is someone behind that guy, trying to free him maybe?

The second video is a compilation of two videos filmed from afar. Showing the smoking van, some bystanders helping out and conveniently, a Danone Truck driving by with the slogan “Cuida Tu Vida” which means “Take Care of Your Life”

Props to Best Gore member @r88nkr for both videos and the ironic translation:

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  1. “She definitely hangs onto her phone the whole time as well.”
    The world of the young hoe revolves around the phone. AND if she’s not able to stair at it while driving, walking, talking, eating, sitting, shitting, fucking.. what the hell is she going to do, she might have to interact with someone or something else. Or worst of all, not have anything to do for a minute.

  2. One Word,,, Tourniqet You Fucking Idiots, before this legless Man bleeds-out completely!
    Are belts really that expensive in Mexico?? I Don’t think so, as i remember Purchasing one for what amounted to 5 Canadian Bucks in A Flea Market in Puerto-Vallarta Mexico, the early 90’s. 🙁

      1. @wizzle1122
        Hop Along, bwa, ha, ha! You think that i also would have noticed, lol. Fucking Dumn-Ass me am.
        I Think i was just too pist-off to properly look. And the hop-along dude, lol, sorry,,, cause i simply “cannot stop laughing” was probably in shock, so he never thought of it. But the other nimrods had no excuse for not helping-out right?? Good Observation Brother! 🙂

  3. The whimpering bitch was getting the hard meat at impact, she is totally oblivious to the fact that they have crashed and is just crying “don’t stop, what the fuck have you stopped for Miguel you donkey hung twat”?

  4. Nobody knows what a tourniquet is I swear. On all these videos with amputation of limbs nobody applies a tourniquet. I mean I feel like that’s kinda common knowledge, I would think at least one person that is there or drove by would know.

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