Road Rash Caused by Rabbit Knocking Man Off Bike

Road Rash Caused by Rabbit Knocking Man Off Bike

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @AGL:

Nice bit of road-rash fresh today thanks to a rabbit sending me off my Gixxer.

Not sure which hurt the most… the sliding down the road 60ft or the hospital cleaning it.

Location just out of Otley North Yorkshire 53.933195, -1.703234

Thanks for the pic, @agl. I presumed you’re a man by the look of your hand. I hope I’m not wrong on that. The hospital cleaning must have hurt more.

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38 thoughts on “Road Rash Caused by Rabbit Knocking Man Off Bike”

    1. Yorkshire, so nice and hilly and green. Ha! Those rabbits can leap at you from 10 meters away and get you right in the neck, chewing off your head in seconds.

      Our featured lad was fortunate to deflect that little bastard and live to tell the tale.

      The hedgehogs are worse.

  1. Fuckin looser…….bike……rabbit……. accident..!!!!!
    What’s about a fucking V8 …… convertible……..a sunny day…
    My hand in between Alice’s thighs wet as fuck….
    Flying together for the next red mushroom motel
    Smoked the balcony had a great hallucinating fuck……!!!!
    And VOILÀ.

  2. I imagine you were riding along a dry stone wall lined country road and, to your horror, thumper jumped out of a thicket and got crunched under your front wheel, sending you arse over tit on to the road. Sound about right?
    Fun fact. There are more road traffic collisions per capita in North Yorkshire than any other county in England.

  3. Silly billy, trix are for kids.. btw i advise all you sick fucks to watch crank for the reference of an old reference, good film watch it 😉 this will heal up just fine no serious damage, a life lesson learnt (hopefully) always wear protection, no pun intended XD

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