Road Side Bombing in South Africa – Many Dead

Bombs Like to Fuck Up Your Dentures, Don't They?

Road Side Bombing in South Africa - Many Dead

A bunch of people in South Africa were driving in an SUV along country road in South Africa when road side bomb planted for this purpose went off ripping all passengers to shreds. Mutilated body parts ended up scattered all across the road and surrounding grassy plains. Some of the victims were members of South African police force.

Gallery of many pictures of a road side bombing in South Africa that left many people for dead is below:

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16 thoughts on “Road Side Bombing in South Africa – Many Dead”

    1. These guys are from the National Police of Mexico… Policia National. The red and green epaulettes on the one guys shoulder board is mexican, or, The Federales. The rope in a couple of pics looks like they were trying to disarm a bomb in the car. They were all standing too close and bomb blast came from under car from the way the bodies are torn up from bottom up, mostly. Also, on a couple of them, you can see shrapnel wounds and force of blast traveling from bottom up, as well as jaw of one guy. Also, looks like a couple of the less “blown up” guys may have been shot after the blast, maybe while trying to help the first victims from the lack of blast damage and the pools of blood around heads. Otherwise, shrapnel maybe took em in the head.

      1. Also, by one of the less blown up guys are a lot of bullet shells from M16s or AK47s. Looks like whoever ambushed them took all their weapons after it was all over. That’s what ambushers do after an ambush… Take the weapons for their own use. Probably one of the Cartels.

  1. Fuck Africa?? damn man… just because they are brown or black doesn’t mean that they deserve to die.. they were police after all… then i’ll give you reason and say Fuck the Police!! now that’s reason enough to get killed!

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