Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road

Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road

Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road

In unverified location, presumably somewhere in United State of America, ruff riders slide on asphalt after dog runs in front of one.

Man’s best friend is at it again, this time running across a two lane road, and getting hit causing rider to slide and biker behind him make an epic leap on road.

No animals were harmed during the making of the accident.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road”

      1. True. I agree. We should never have built roads. I believe we don’t even belong on this planet. We need, clothes, heat , shelter, vaccines etc, etc. If we really evolved how come we need so much support just to get through a day? We definately fukked up somewhere. Didn’t want the kid to die under the lorry though. Credit where credit’s due. He did well getting out of that one.

  1. Man .. I’ve been crapping on about this for year .. Bikes can’t just speed their tits off on a country road, you gotta be ready for dogs, cats, kids, turkeys, any animal to cross your path.
    Serves these dickheads right.
    Lookout next time, assholes..

    1. And the string wire. My biggest fear as a biker has always been that someone can pull up a wire which can cut my head clean off, and I won’t be able to see it.

      But in this case, the bikers weren’t THAT much in the wrong. The fucking dog is.

      1. I remember I was driving a mini moke (convertible thingy) and next thing this huge bush turkey just came out of nowhere and slammed into the windshield, just where my head would be. If I was on a bike it would have knocked me clean off. And it just appeared from nowhere.
        So when biking, hope for the best, but be ready for the worst!!

        1. These riders were riding a bit too fast. The 2 second gap rule also applies to bikers – be ready for any random shit happening.

          That 2nd biker to fall was extremely lucky – he could have got splattered by the truck coming the other way, had he had an uncontrollable skid. Luckily he managed to dive outta the way.

          The biker at 0:18 seems to have slow reflexes. S/he’s just seen the accident and one of the fallen bikers stray into their path, but still knocks into him, lol.

    1. Dogs will be dogs. It just wants to cross the road to get to the other side. When is the safest time to do it? There’s always fast cars and trucks either way.

      That dog must have got quite hurt, putting out a fast motorbike like that, but it managed to get to the other side. It will probably have serious internal injuries and will be peeing blood, but given that it’s a stray, it may not have its injuries seen to.

      1. The dog is probably dead, the speed of the impact was quite severe.
        I agree that I’ve got a bit too emotional regarding this poor animal, but it could find a better window for crossing. It grew among humans (probably) and should adapt to it’s surroundings. Probably not the first road crossing in it’s life (but likely the last)

  2. Hard to tell if the dog was ok, it got squashed pretty hard and skidded off to the side. Hope he was ok!!

    As for the riders…FUCK EM!! Hahahahahaa! I don’t know how many times I’ve had assholes like these on their rice rockets taking up a four lane highway weaving in and out of traffic over a hundred mph. This crash was pretty epic, bodies sliding everywhere!! Too bad the truck tractor didn’t run that one over!! From a rider’s perspective it does suck but fuck em. I can’t stand those assholes. Take them to a race track shit bags!

  3. Haha it was funny seeing the dog come sliding back in reverse as though he too was a skate board competitor
    one up against those bikers. Dogs by the highways prefer running and crossing straight over but this one took away the cake .
    The dude managing to hoodwink the truck ; seemed fully alert as he was able to hop away from harm’s way and miss its tyres in the nick of time . Had it been any later he would’ve ended up mangled and splattered as a dead meat.
    Fuck it ! Thank ya so much for biking on the highways like lunatics.

  4. I Hope that the Dog Was Not Too Seriously Harmed By Those Assholes.

    And I Say This Because,,, Dogs,,, Cats,,, Deer,,, Moose,,, Bears,, Cows/Bulls,,, Frogs,,, Turtles,,, & so on, Should Always Have The Right Of Way On All Roads Especially When they are in Residential Roadways cause they are not lined with Farmers field fencing like you see in the Country.

    And i say that they take precedence on all roads simply because,,, We Took part of their land away & fucked-it up, by putting asphalt on it. All cause This Skidman Crotchman Dude/ess, & his Skidrow-Fagot Friends can fly at 500 miles an hour, Instantly koshering any living 4 legged Meat that crosses their paths. CUNTS!

    And then, If that Alone Is Not Bad Enough,,, These Fucken Super-Loud, And Extremely Noise Polluting *Cow-asaki* killing-machines, (that should be called *Cow-a-suchi* Killing Machines) Fly Down *Stolen Animal-Land* By These Rich Little Gumby-Jew-Fagots that Give Zero-Fucks for any Wildlife, And Therefore Injuring/Killing a Poor Poochie-Pooch in The Process! 🙁

    1. I also hope the big truck didn’t hit the dog. You are right they need to respect nature. Those stupid crotch rockets are ridiculous. Usually the riders are the dumbest people on the planet, driving too fast, popping wheelies, etc. They were smart enough to wear helmets and proper gear. Damn!

  5. braking for ANY animal in the roadway is stupid, unless its a cow. I have run over many cats and dogs, just crunch ’em and bob’s your uncle. That biker slammed on his front brake, otherwise i believe he would’ve been fine. dumbfuck …but excellent survival skills avoiding that semi.

    Ain’t bikin’ fun?


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