Runaway Truck Kills Motorcyclist by Crushing His Skull

Very Nasty Head Crush

Flip flops and no safety helmet wearing motorcyclist with a passenger were hit by a truck as they were crossing the BR-116 highway in Horizonte, Brazil. The rider of the motorcycle was killed on the spot having had his head crushed as the truck ran over it, the passenger was found a kilometer further having been dragged by the truck. The runaway truck driver never stopped and nobody could provide any leads to help trace him down.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Runaway Truck Kills Motorcyclist by Crushing His Skull”

  1. I just partied in the wilderness all weekend. A girl ran straight into a tree in the darkness and nearly broke her nose. I told her she was lucky there wasn’t a branch sticking out to impale or kill her…

    I then told my buddies all about BestGore. I mentioned the reality, the deathflops, the deathstares, the pointers, and the sheep. If any of them went home to see this post, I will feel validated.

  2. People just stand around like there’s something to celebrate. Gawking like they’ve never seen a dead person before, its probably a common thing to see sqaushed no helmet people like this. And I love the coffin’s they bring out sometimes even ramming two victims into one coffin..

    1. Have you ever looked into hanging coffins @whorenz?? Those things are fucking beautiful, and they were reconstructing/preserving some hanging off a cliff in china, and they said it was so bizzare that some of the coffins had perfectly preserved babies and what appeared to be thir moms as though the mom died and they killed the baby and preserved em awaiting the burial of their moms, i guess to cut down on orphans??? Idk good reading tho

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