Runaway Truck Slams Into Motorists Killing 27 People

Runaway Truck Slams Into Motorists Killing 27 People

This horrific accident happened in Pinetown, South Africa. The truck’s brakes apparently failed and the driver plowed through a busy intersection at rush hour. Some of the vans the truck t-boned operate as mass transport taxis which are often fully loaded with commuters, hence the high death count. 27 people have reportedly died.

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          1. It’s been a few months of death and drama, so really no different than what’s been going on here. I would stop by daily to check on the whole Mark situation and tried to leave comments but they never went through, then resorted to checking only every week, and then every couple weeks. Glad things are mostly back in order but it just won’t be the same without Mark’s presence. Alas, the show must go on! Heeey 1girl1cup! Good to see/read words from you too!

        1. @ death… I am a truck driver. Lost my brakes going down a mountain. I have never felt so helpless before. Luckily no one was on the ramp when I got there doing 98mph according to the cop that clocked me. Once you hit a certain RPM it is impossible to downshift. the motor and the trans have to hit the same RPM in order to downshift. But then again this is africa…his aids prolly kicked in

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  1. Unless the truck is rolling down a long hill with a heavy load & overheats the brakes to the point where they become so glazed that they lose all friction I see no excuse about ever “losing brakes”- reason being that 99.9% of all trucks still on the road today will Lock up the brakes automatically if there’s a big enough air leak that the tanks fall under 40psi… It’s usually a rookie mistake- too fast, too heavy, can’t stop 馃檪 this is how the bad drivers are weeded out.

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  2. 27 people loose to ignorance all due to the fact a commercial driver failed to safely drive the rig. Accidents do happen but this is over the top. What a mess. If the driver of the truck survived, they’ve got a shit storm of trouble ahead.

      1. @Burning. I looked up the story and all I found about the driver is he was arrested. So not one of the dead. But maybe one day possibly soon we’ll get some video of that. Crossing the fingers.

  3. Fuck, they didnt even have time to shit themselves. If the truck was 2 seconds earlier they would have missed death by inches. Instead it got them by inches. I was never a dangerous or careless driver, but this site has made me one of the safest and aware fuckers on the road. You see too much crazy shit happen so easy, I can do without the drama of crashing or hitting some poor fucker off their motorbike just cause im not bothered checking before I pull out (from a sidestreet, not an orifice you dirty hussies). I might even start wearing a helmet to bed.

  4. Off topic (and if I wake up in a few hours & see a new post I’ll prolly put this on there too so more gorelings see it :D) but did anyone else hear about the Colorado teen who killed her mom last week? Just read it, and what amazed me the most was how viscious it was.
    I’ve always thought it was especially sick to stab someone in the face ya know. The actual FACE! But this kid took it to a whole. ‘nother. level. “31 stab wounds to the face and 48 stab wounds to the neck.” Can’t even seriously picture that. Anyway, sorry for the ramblin’, drinkin’ Stoli & bored but thought some of you might like looking up the story (has a lot more details in it.).

  5. What a fucking cunt clot..i swear man we wonder why kids do this shit maybe if that Swiss cheesed face mother would beat that ass moreshe’d still be alive now..fuck cps and shit..parents need to learnto stand up to the system and survive..sigh..

          1. Hahaha you know it bro. I have this feeling that you’re still up because you’re gettin’ drunk or at least fucked up like me 馃榾 Trying Stoli with this new-ish blueberry Red Bull…not too shabby!

  6. That’s why I wait a few more seconds after it turns green to check if there’s an asshole trying to run the redlight or a high momentum unstoppable death machine is coming towards the intersection. You can be horned at sometimes but it’s worth it.

  7. When I learned to drive, I always check left and then right to determine if something is coming. I’m not sure if that could have saved anyone here. However, it’s proof enough that your life can be taken in less than a second.

  8. I live in South Africa, actually not too far from where it happened. The black driver that drove the truck has only had experience with 10 ton trucks and started driving 30 ton loads. 4 days after he started driving it this happened. To be honest, he shouldn’t have gone down that hill as it has most likely a weight restriction for trucks. My father is an experienced code 14 driver and said to me after showing him this, he shouldn’t have gone down the hill in the first place, but once your truck starts running away you can do nothing to stop it. No downshifting. No braking. Nothing can stop it if the load is that heavy. It was a rookie mistake of him. And this video is exactly why I always check the lanes before pulling away at a green light or slow down a bit if the light is already green for me. Red light means you can go for taxi drivers in SA.

    1. After watching the video again I determined it is a road I often drive. The lane he came from is not so steep but it is still enough for the truck to be able to lose it. The road the truck driver came from has a long stretched slight bend shape. I am surprised he did not hit the guy with the dash cam.

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