Russian Blondie Hit by Volvo After Getting Off Bus and Passing in Front

Russian Blondie Hit by Volvo After Getting Off Bus and Passing in Front

Russian Blondie Hit by Volvo After Getting Off Bus and Passing in Front

On May 18, 2020, in the Pushkin district of the Moscow region, Russia, a blonde girl got hit by a Volvo after getting off a bus and trying to cross the road by passing the bus in front.

The impact threw the blondie into a brunette, who also ended up on the road, but only suffered minor injuries. The blondie, on the other hand, was seriously injured and is in a coma.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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98 thoughts on “Russian Blondie Hit by Volvo After Getting Off Bus and Passing in Front”

  1. I never understood why people cross roads and highways in the first place? Roads and highways are made for vehicles, not walking people. If you want to get to the other side then use over bridges or under bridges. And in case of no such facility, don’t cross at all. There’s no outrunning a 70 mph SUV. BTW Fuck China.

      1. I never even bother to look as I’m crossing a road either. That’s why I’m still alive. Safety 1st!

        Had a dumb bitch pull around a curb and into my lane as I was coming to a stop light today. Luckily I was paying attention or she would have hit my vehicle head on. She was a blonde too.

          1. Yea, it really pissed me off. And when she drove by she looked at me like I was in the wrong.. while she was in yet ANOTHER wrong oncoming lane. Surprised she didn’t head on someone else while she was staring at me. Holy George Floyd! I mean holy shit!

        1. Yep, we’re just a split second away from disaster everywhere we go.
          Yesterday I saw some truck graze a van while both making left turns at a major intersection.
          All the van did was pull into a gas station, get out and look at the damage while the truck took off in a hurry.
          I don’t know, I think most of us would have gone after the truck and at least get the license plate.

        1. I’ll bet her wearing that mask led to her getting hit because she was probably anxious to get home to take that irritating thing off and forgot to look both ways.
          Or maybe she really had to pee? I don’t know…

          1. They all seemed quite anxious to get across, all wearing the Mask of the Beast.
            It’s cold but their used to that, yes toilet food something on TV.
            Maybe a mini orgy, one can only speculate.
            Tho how the Fuck you are not aware of the present situation and dangers of the environment at that age FFS.
            That’s asking for it, more than tempting Fate..!
            Think we should ask Darwin, yes..?
            My theory, long term wearing of surgical masks (or masks of any type restricting breathing) causes hypoxia.
            None of them were thinking straight..!

    1. A couple of times i had to cross highways, no bridge or anything like that near. It took me like half an hour each time, waiting for the safest moment possible, when i was crossing i was thinking “make it quick, don´t trip, there you go, well done boy, i hope i´m not being filmed, those are cops?”.

          1. Would’ve been great if you were around. I could’ve pooped in your mouth before crossing. That would’ve made me light. So sad.

    2. Fuck China?
      Fuck China for what you learned from your scapegoating media and president? Then go fuck yourself pussy.
      You are tricked by your govt in yr 2020 exact same fucking way we did 50 yrs ago. Funny how you guys can’t even tell lies from truth cuz u don’t even read or spk Chinese but only spooned 2nd hand + edited + translated + remixed bullshit by your puppet media. While we a still developing country (often times still messy but less frequently showed up on BG if u can tell) and ppl only minding our own biz and hard working for a better life for ourselves and kids, all you bitches did is stucking in your sofa, blindly believing your West Communist media and fuck China for random made up bullshit? Shake my head.
      As a sheep in a developed/advanced country, you have to be smarter than this. Wake the fuck up.

      1. And if you happen to be a White guy. Let me tell you one thing.

        If you remember Brenton Tarrant, the White Supremacist gunman who carried out mosque attacks in New Zealand, then you should check his manifesto. There’s one interesting line as below:
        [Q] Were/are you a fascist?
        [A] …. The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.

        You fat ass bullies killed tons of native Indians before you dominated the world. And still are interfering with other country’s affairs in yr 2020 what a bitch. Are you my ex-girlfriend or sth? But you now expect us to be a quiet kid as we grow up? Hey we did our best minding our biz for decades. We already did much better job than you. But where’s the fucking credit?
        Our system might suck but it works and kept changing. Stop making ignorant comments based on your standard. We respected your regime for decades for fucks sake.

        If you respect us, we respect you. If you ignore us, we’re fine. If you attack us, we will fight back. Simple as that.
        Fucking hate to post this in fucking BG. I’m here for gore.

    3. Many countries don’t have that, or they are dangerous as fuck, you can get ambushed by predators and thieves. In Venezuela for example, there are many of those structures around Caracas but many abstain to use them because of the above mentioned reasons.

    1. It would appear that those three Russians decided to skip school that day. I’m amazed at how people who run out into traffic in front of a bus without even looking both ways have managed to survive that far into adulthood.

  2. happened today here.

    a kid (around 14yo or something), going out of the bus and cross the bus like in this video, but from behind the bus. get hit by a car coming the opposite way.

    kids survive but got his legs fucked up badly. i dont know exactly, but i bet on his legs being broked and maybe his hips too because he was really screaming pain and couldnt move much.
    luckily the car was driving a bit slower than in this video, but its was a solid chevrolet with a big flat nose.

    1. Thing is, Public service driver’s have to be of a standard,
      to what kind of level in Russia that standard is I don’t know but, that driver should have known what could happen and probably DID see that coming. Which leads me to think why wasn’t HE on the horn and waving at them getting their attention to get back to kerb side out of his and the vehicles passage way..?

      Because he thought maybe I get a video for Road Safety,
      or he’s a CUNT.
      Member or BG perhaps, and thought it would be a cool video to upload here..?

      1. still looking at death as the worst thing for belief people.

        belief people lose the restrictions if their physical body and spiritually go to heven n hell…

        it is fact people that physically death is the worst thing and impossible, belief ppl get the notion from fact ppl. otherwise belief ppl would know theyre better off in heven n hell.

          1. @jxk777

            its very satanic to get zoomed in and intricate detailed about things.

            i prefer goodness tbh, the bigger view, i like it more.

            but its just different at the end of the day.

            both have an equal stake.

            interestingly satan (abd) is the bigger bodied ( in all ways ) and wants bigger. and god is the bigger whole view, smaller bodied finished article.

            its interesting, how it works.

            theres god and satan in everyone but not in equal measure.

            its a wonderful world.

            but theres a problem there isnt there.

  3. I can’t even cross a quiet neighborhood street without looking left, right, and then left and right again just to be sure. This Darwin award contestant, doesn’t even look once with a bus blocking the entire field of vision on the left, and starts with a sprint too, on a highway. I mean, this level of stupidity is almost funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  4. That was just stupid as fuck to forget that there are cars traveling at a high speed on the road you are about to cross and cross like if nothing will happen…
    What really got me tripping though was the fact that it wasn’t just the blonde who seemed on a hurry pretty much everybody was in a hurry specially driver of the Volvo car.

  5. Things could have turned-out much worse if the 3rd. Girl, Ya Know,,,
    That (Land Whaling Pavement-Dweller) would have been the one
    Getting hit instead. I Say this cause she would have spread blubber
    and i mean All Over The Fucking Place, and that road,,, The Locals
    Would have renamed-it, by nicknaming-it Skid-Row.

    And that’s not the whole story, or the worst of it. You know how dogs will sometimes walk with their front legs only, while they try to cure an itch by dragging their Arseholes on the carpet ???
    Well Boys & Girls,,,, i could see her (The Blob ) doing the same but The Cunt Slide instead Once Hit, painting new white lines on the road with the amount of discharge that would Surely Spew and then
    Come-O-Charging-Out That-Stinker . 😉

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