Russian Driver Reverses Into Elderly Woman

Russian Driver Reverses Into Elderly Woman

What we see in this video is the worst of both world – an oblivious pedestrian and an oblivious driver meet on the same road in the same time. The elderly woman saw the vehicle and saw it was reversing. Yet she assumed that just because she can see the vehicle clearly, the driver can see her just as clearly.

I’m guessing the only thing the driver was concerned with was that he/she doesn’t scratch the vehicle against the wall, so the eyes were on the right side mirror, while looking what was behind the vehicle became secondary.

The incident happened in Vladivostok, Russia:

35 thoughts on “Russian Driver Reverses Into Elderly Woman”

  1. That woman is a genius. She looked over at least twice and saw that car backing up yet she just kept going. And decided that walking in the middle of the road with a moving car coming towards her was the best route to take.

      1. When I was learning to drive, my old man made me wait until the car turning actually did turn. He said the car may have it’s indicator on, and you are in the right to move on out onto the road, but what if that AR just forgot to turn off it’s indicator.

        You may end up a paraplegic, but qt least you were in the right…….fat consolation that is !

  2. Can anyone explain the action of that skinny leggy bitch who just carries on walking?
    Given the size of the Russian population and overall size of the country, I simply can’t believe she would be too used to seeing that kind of thing.
    Fucking unbelievably uncaring and heartless, unless it was her mother-in-law or something.

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