Russian Driver Waits to Take Left Turn Until Bicycle Is In Way

Russian Driver Waits to Take Left Turn Until Bicycle Is In Way

CCTV videos from Russia show a Volkswagen driver hitting a bicyclist after waiting to take the left turn until the biker was in the way. There are three different angles of the same incident in the video.

Got to also like how the driver forgot to apply the hand brake after stopping. How did someone like that even got a driver’s license?

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91 thoughts on “Russian Driver Waits to Take Left Turn Until Bicycle Is In Way”

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      1. @soulflip i am not a cyclist, but a car rider, yet I disagree. The driver is a total fuckup. There was no way the driver could not see the biker. Plus, there was no apparent reason that the douche of the driver could not avoid it.

          1. Lol!!! Also, did you notice that when they got out of the car, he\she didn’t put it in park or use the handbrake and it started to roll backwards. The passenger was frantically trying to stop it from rolling back!! The driver of course is clueless!! Dipshit ignorant humans!!

        1. @9×9 100% correct. The cyclist is wearing a bright red shirt and a white helmet. Only a blind person or a crackhead could miss him, if they took the time to look before turning. Or, they have zero depth perception, in which case they shouldn’t have a license. My sister is blind in one eye, and drives like garbage due to no depth perception. I hate riding with her.

          1. @soulflip The way we have seen this video from three different cameras, three different angles, I bet, your sister with one eye can still drive better than this piece-of-inattentive-shit-of-a-driver.
            Zero mistake – on biker’s part
            one-zero-zero mistake – on car rider’s part

            @no-cuntry-for-old-perverted-man Very good point about revoking the license, but I’d suggest for a whole a damn year.

      2. I’m also a cyclist and I agree and disagree. Bikes belong on the road and should be respected as a very vulnerable means of transportation yet this accident seams to me to be the cyclist fault. He was clearly in the lane that suppose to turn right, yet last moment he advanced on the car direction. To many cyclist ride like shit and give a bad name for all others. I would make it a legal requirement to have a bike riding licence… and number plates if possible : )
        Safety tips for cyclists out there:
        1 – Lights “On” day or night. I see no lights on him. Its not easy to spot you.
        2 – Take the f***ing lane! If you’re in the corner people are more likely to corner you.
        3 – It looks like a huge impact. Helmets do make a huge difference, as it shows…
        4 – If you live in Brazil, Kevlar vests are also advised as basic protection gear, yet, no amount of precaution will grant you safety.

        1. @masterplan I saw what you mean about the cyclist being in the turn lane. I understand why he did that, it was a courtesy to any cars behind him so they could pass safely. Also, he didn’t signal for a right turn, so the turning driver should have expected him to continue straight, if they were at all attentive. The fact that the turning driver had plenty of time to go prior to the cyclist reaching the intersection, then went at the worst possible time, means only one thing…the driver is a full-fledged moron. This is backed up by the fact that you see the car rolling backwards after they parked and left the vehicle. Another potential accident, right there.

        2. Thanks for caring @soulflip . It’s undeniable this accident looks like a crocodile striking a gazelle and it is not easy to defend the driver, so let’s agree he is indeed a moron, but there is more to add.
          I appreciate the cyclist courtesy remaining on the side, Bikes can’t go as fast as cars and slow everybody down, but that behavior puts every body at risk:
          – Whenever there is a lot o cars parked on the side of the road, take a full lane for yourself. If some idiot parked at the side open the door, you (cyclist) are left with 2 options: Brace for impact or throw yourself at traffic without looking. So I recommend such behavior (taking a full lane) whenever you are in a turn, a crossing, or whenever you want to be seen as a vehicle. As danger pass, go back to the side. Had he signaled and take the lane I can’t promise he would keep his legs but that is what I would do. Had the car driver identified the cyclist as a motorcyclist he would be absolutely on the right as I wouldn’t expect a motorcyclist to go strait at me.
          Very long text; Sorry for my efforts to keep BG content low by insisting on safety. That said: Thank you BG for this beautiful post, HD+3 different angles…
          I had the impression the cyclist lower his head at a crucial moment when he should being watching and what as that thing flying? Sadly it wasn’t his head. It would this post on the best on BG ever.

        3. 100% the car drivers fault. But, as a cyclist that has avoided getting killed or serious accident for almost 50 years I can tell you there are some things he could have done to avoid this. First, use a flashing headlight even in daylight. 90% chance that would have caught the drivers attention. Also, when I see a guy waiting to make a left turn like that, I automatically assume he’s out to murder me. In that situation I would have already been slowing way down anticipating this. It really was predictable if you have good defensive riding skills. I also would have been in the proper driving lane, then it would have been possible to get around the back of him. Never get yourself pinched between cars at high speed.

        4. Yo study a license to ride a bike??? So stupid bruh why u guys want a fucking license for everything, the best thing a cyclist can do is to ride on the sidewalk having mirrors mounted on it, I cringe everytime i see one of yall riding on the road, like y’all Asking to be runned over smh

          1. Hello Mr D’Silva @splatterr8er,
            Here in UK Ur not allowed to ride in the sidewalk unless Ur a 5 year old. It means every bike is on the road and should be respected as a vehicle. Since in London most people doesn’t hold a drivings licence it means they don’t know how to behave and very often act like suicidal idiots. If U think riding on the road is asking to runover it means U havent learn much from “your” driving training. Bicycles are Vehicles! And you are much more likely to find an electric motor in a bicycle than a hear mirror. And why would you need a mirror to ride in the sidewalk?? Bicycle can also hurt/kill people on the sidewalk, don’t forget that!

      3. Well, care if you have lights on your bike.
        Some years ago, a violinist was biking home WITHOUT lights on his bike on a public highway in England. A female driver thought she grabbed a deer while driving that road,… further investigations ahead, she was suspended of all charges against this situation. The blaim was given to this biker wearing NO lights, and had too much to drink after the autopsy.

    1. If you can’t clearly see and avoid an obstacle the size of a fully grown man with a bicycle right in front of you, you don’t belong behind a steering wheel. The guy might have been drunk or something.

    2. The only time I got hit by a car when riding a bike was on the sidewalk, bitch in a Mercedes ran over my front rim and didn’t even stop to see if I was OK. Also, almost got hit by a cop car when on the sidewalk. Still, I won’t ride in the city anymore, no one looks for bikes.

    3. Amen. I drive a long distance everyday on highways in the countryside and they do nothing but cause problems and obstruct the flow of traffic. Get a job, grow some fucking balls and buy a car. You’ll use your legs just as much when you’re using a clutch all goddamn day, bikes are for kids and pussy ass hipsters

  1. Looks like something someone i know would do… Like, that person that im talking about and worked with me before did something similar, but with a car instead. 😐 Fucking nutjob… I allways questioned his sanity though.

  2. It’s a sheeple thing. Riding a bike in the street is just another stupid trend that creates more laws to pester everyone. If your not a pro training or part of some tights and bikes club, stay the fuck out the street.

  3. The reason is they think cause their on a bike they don’t have to yield, stop, give right away, obey the speed in slow areas, or even respect the cars/ trucks space. There like pre-madonnas but instead of a pussy pass they get “cause I’m on a bike” pass. Bitches I urge everyone to run over a pre-madonna every week it keeps you sain. By the way I live in Antarctica ton of bicyclists here……lol

  4. It’s actually illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in a lot of places, dumb niggers. Assfucks that comment how they can’t see bicyclists or motorcyclists need to put their faggoty iPhone the fuck down while they’re driving. You can live without seeing Justin Bieber’s latest instagram post until you get to ur destination homos.

    1. I can deal with cyclists on the road, but ride where they’re fuckin supposed to! I hate when they ride two or three rows out. It’s like there asking to be hit, but as was stated they’ve got the “I’m on a bike pussy pass”. Most don’t obey the traffic laws. Fuckin dick bags.

    1. @haunani2478
      It seams to me it was his shoe flying away, and it went as high as hell. It would beat all other school kids on the rocket altitude contest. Extra points for him.
      I hope there is a monetary prize for such an accomplishment, since I guess he will have to buy another shoe. I doubt he will find his old shoe without checking the cameras.

  5. LMAO!!!! ROFL!!!! This vid made my morning here in the UK at work! PSML!

    That idiot of a driver waited at just the right moment before turning into the oncoming cyclist.
    That in itself is stupid, but it gets even stupider…..
    1. The car driver rammed into the cyclist at full steam, did not even brake before hitting him, there is no way he couldn’t have seen the cyclist even as he started to make his turn.
    2. The twat then didn’t put his handbrake on…car is rolling backwards.
    3. The twat then just calmly saunters out of his car, instead of rushing to help the cyclist.

    My guess is that the driver either has an IQ of 10 or was totally pissed on vodka and Smirnoff.
    He is seriously lucky the cyclist wasn’t killed. The cyclist is one tough fellow for just getting up like that.

    I disagree with everyone on their comments on it being the cyclists fault…he was not expecting such breathtaking stupidity to occur.

  6. I hate all cyclists, they are all ignorants, they should ride their bikes in a bloody wood or sidewalk not in the bloody middle of the road! I think he deserved it, tough cyclists asshole!

  7. if this would happen to me my brain would short wire and that driver would end in a hospital with at least a few broken bones if not complete broken body
    this is clearly on purpose and attempted murder.

  8. Dang that lady wasn’t Stalin for anyone, she sure was Russian to get somewhere. Probably was sipping vodka, straight from the bottle the whole drive. No wonder the lady didn’t put the vehicle in fucking park when she got out.

  9. In nyc I ride in the street. In nj. I’m riding mostly on the sidewalk. Two diff animals. On the freeway. I drive my Honda Civic si. At home My wife Rides my cock all over my house. Lot of riding going on.

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