Russia – Drunk Driver Takes Off with Cop Clinging Onto the Hood

Russia - Drunk Driver Takes Off with Cop Clinging Onto the Hood

Police in the Komi Republic, Russia were conducting an operation “Drunk Drivers” and stopped a driver of a Kia vehicle that seemed to be having troubled maintaining straight bearing. Quick breathalyser test suggested the driver was heavily intoxicated with alcohol. The cop requested the driver to hand over the license and vehicle documents to which the driver – Vladimir E. responded by engaging door locks and flooring the gas pedal.

In an attempt to prevent the driver from taking off, Lieutenant Ivan Portnyagin grabbed the handle of the door, landing on the vehicle’s hood and holding on for dear life as Vladimir sped off. The cop was dragged by drunk driver for almost a kilometer before dropping off with exhaustion, almost getting run over by a police car that followed them closely.

Dumb ass drunk driver and a crazy cop – no question about it, but it was kind of strange to see the cops conducting the arrest brandish a gun but not use it. I guess I’ve seen too many police pursuits from the US and Canada where cops are trigger happy and riddle seemingly anything that moves with bullets later claiming that they were fearing for their own life and had to engage the subject.

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