Russian Female Driver Confused About Man on the Hood

Russian Female Driver Confused About Man on the Hood

A somewhat funny while at the same time sad video was caught on dashcam in Moscow, Russia. A female driver was attempting to pass a tram but waited for the people that got off to get on the sidewalk. A man from the tram then suddenly changed where he was going and jumped on her hood, acting utterly strange.

Confused female driver didn’t know what to do and went once forward, once backward while screaming at seemingly completely random times. She screamed in Russian: “Get the fuck away from me!”, “What do you want?” and “Somebody, help me!”, but it had little effect on her unlikely passenger.

That fellow looked like a rather harmless guy with mental issues. Maybe he’s also deaf mute cause he often looks like he’s attempting to use sign language though it wasn’t an easy thing to do while also holding on to the hood of the moving vehicle. In many countries, people with mental health issues are cast away and treated like spooks.

At one point, I thought he was gonna pull out his junk and flash her, but he looked more like he was digging in his pants as though to find a pen and pad to ask for help. I don’t know what to make of this video. Just another day in Russia, I suppose:

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          1. @SirZulu
            Are you 12?

            Zombie Apocalypse??!

            That’s is so aggravating that believe actually believe that is/will happen..
            Ya maybe a contagious viral/ infectious disease that could wipe out entire populations-but not azombie straight out of Walking Dead…

            I thought that the zimbie and vampire(twilight) fanatics and fads alike were done and over with…

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    1. Dude. You remind of those kids in middle school that for one reason or another just couldn’t get along with anyone. You know the kind. No personality, unoriginal, nothing stands out about them.
      Then one day they show somebody a gross picture or maybe a naked chick, and for that one day, people paid attention to them.
      From that day on they decide that it’s better to be the kid that grosses people out, rather than the kid nobody would talk to.
      You know what I mean? I’m sure you’re better and more interesting than that, but right now all I can picture is some guy at his computer scrolling through pictures while laughing to himself in Butt-Heads voice and thinking “Huh-huh this next one will totally gross them out, huh-huh.”
      But no offense, I’m sure you’re just lovely!

      1. And here we go kiddies…Another example of why salvia and bath salts are one hell of a drug. I guarantee that he was fucked up on it. Why would someone want to be in that state of mind..whacked out of your fucking head. The fuck is this mad world coming to. Smh!!

    1. Yes, good observation.

      This guy is lucky to be Russian, if this was filmed in the USA he would, more than likely be a dead man now. He would have grunted at the officers in Russian, and this would have caused them to draw their guns and fire.

      Pew pew, pew…….pew, pew pew, pew

      In the news today, Police have shot dead the Russian billionaire responsible for the Smirnoff Vodka empire. Police chief says he was shot because he became some annoyed at being handcuffed and thrown face down in the dirt with 7 officers sitting on top of him causing him to be unable to breathe. When he then began speaking in ethnic tongue like that, he was just plain and simple being dangerous by making life difficult and that put the officers live’s in danger.

      Police chief has confirmed that the city Mayor and the review committee believe the shooting was totally justified and the officer responsible has actually received a raise and an award for his brave Police work.

      1. Oi! Oi! Love russia too… The big northern bear! War machine…one of the only country that doesnt wait for the U.N.W.O to tell it what to do… I also LOVE how since they have Snowden that theyre throwing theyre weight around as if to dare the states to do something about it lmfao! The states is hesitant in doing so coz they know russia knows theyre dirty secrets.

    1. He was definitely deaf as he was using the international hearing aid sign to try to tell someone he can not hear. Normally it would be done with bith hands but, for obvious reasons, he did not have both hands free. He was also reaching for something to write with or write on on to try to communicate what he was trying to say. I can see how all that looks funny.

      1. I noticed that too @gunky. It’s kind of sad that nobody else picked up on that and they automaticly just take him to jail, when it could have been much easier to take the time and try to understand what he was trying to say!

          1. Yes but put yourself in the persons shoes (driver) there’s so many bad crazy/ dangerous people out there , you never know who you may be dealing with.

  2. “I” think that what he was doing ‘down there’, was trying to ‘hold his UN-Dead horse(s)’ back from finally BEATING said UN-Dead horse on the hood of her car, instead of on HER, as he’d originally planned.

    Crazed, horny, frustrated, uncontrolled sexual predator.

    And I should KNOW. ( ;=D ) ! ! !

  3. Additionally – I actually think he was an ex-boyfriend or something maybe even current co-hab or at least, a volatile love interest-going-bad.

    Prob’ly had nothing to do with un-dead horses at all.

    But I DO think he was searching his pockets for some sort of really damaging weapon to use against her – and not – (I repeat) – NOT – his ‘pea-shooter’.

    So, y’SEE –

    It could have been worse.

    “Always look on the bright side of Life – Dee doo – dee-doo, DEE-DOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo . . .”

        1. Oh wait. Hey Stomp.
          I removed the passenger seat out of my 300c and replaced it with a dog bed for my wolf.
          Imagine if he did that shit to me….my wolf wolf be face to face with him.

          Awe man. Now I’m jealous. Lol.

          I get that alot. The wolf will be laying in car and stands up when people approach us, she almost the size of a great dane, and it’s funny to see the ppl jump in shock of her showing up out of no where.

          1. Wow @Bat, that must be one cool sight to see while driving down the road , I can just imagine folks rubber necking , eyes popping out , thinking wtf was that !?!. Guy gets home and tells the Mrs he’s just seen a Wolf sat in the passenger seat of a car on the freeway . And she’s thinking wtf is he on !?! πŸ˜‰

          2. Remember, I removed the passenger seat, she fills the whole side of car.

            It’s the homeless people or the ones who walk up to my car that gets the surprise.

            After the homeless guy usually jumps back from my car in shock, I usually throw them a bottled water and a cig or two before I drive off.

      1. Heya batshitcrazy, that’s fuckin cool, I take it ya had fun then! I’ve my hands full with the personality of one husky, i bet six is flat-out madness! Just as well you know what you’re doing or ya would have been swamped with husky madness. And fair play to you for lookin after them for your neighbour, i bet he was delighted. Can’t be cheap to put six of those feckers in kennels for a few weeks!

  4. This silly episode reminded me of a computer game that I used to play on the Sega CD in the early 90’s called Road Avenger, it was a cross between Hokuto no Ken and Mad Max.

    Anyway, the game involved trying to shake off mentally challenged attackers who would jump onto the front of your car whilst trying to prevent you from driving away.

    It?s funny how the most ridiculous things can bring memories back that you had completely forgotten about.

  5. Are you all stupid?

    He was clearly trying to warn her that there was a crazed psychopath sat in the back seat of her car with an axe and that she had better get out. He was trying to save her life the ungratful bitch.

    1. Maybe he was a zombie. He was certainly doing all the right things.

      Personally I dont believe that ombies would eat brains. THey dont have taste or digestion systems.

      I think that a zombie would behave just like him, doing things without really know what they were doing but having an impulse to do them to other people. Like this dude.

      So maybe he was a zombie?

  6. It was for her own safety. He caught her using her cell phone while driving, and was just telling her to use a bluetooth earset. He was going to give one to her, but realized he ran out, handing them out to other unsafe drivers.

  7. He probably took like 10 acid trips and had no alternative but to grab the nearest person to call someone to pick him up. He was making the “Phone someone” gesture. He probably didn’t even know he was on a car, to him it was a big pink unicorn with a goddess upon it’s back.

  8. I speak American Sign Language. Being a deaf person myself, I can verify that he was not attempting to sign anything. I don’t speak Russian Sign Language, but I’m pretty sure he just has some mental issues. Poor dude.

  9. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m into that song. If anyone happens to have a link, post that shit.

    I side with the author–this is just…beyond words. Not sure how to process this. Is he a mental patient? Is he a prisoner? Stoned? Maybe he’s on krokodil and can’t speak anymore. Knowing BestGore, he’s probably got maggots growing in his throat and needs someone to drive him to the hospital.

    …Or, maybe he’s just stoned. πŸ˜€

  10. So. I think it’s safe to assume that towards the end of the clip, fuckin mongo there went flying off this birds motor, and good riddance, and she sped off at great speed to get away from this simian-lookin cunt, yeah? So how, why and what the fuck was she doing behind the police car when matey got nabbed??? Who does she think she is, fuckin Knightrider..??!

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