Russian Female Driver Runs Over Child in Residential Zone

Russian Female Driver Runs Over Child in Residential Zone

A Russian female driver passing through a congested residential zone hit a child that ran across the road, but instead of stopping when she hit him, she floored the gas pedal and run over him with a front and a rear wheel. The child almost died as a result.

The incident was caught on a dashcam of a car coming from the opposite direction of the female driver’s Ford, but it happened on a sunny day in a shade of a large apartment building, with the bright sky creating strong backlight effect, so one needs to focus in order not to miss the moment of the impact. Watch out for it at 0:42. What an absolutely terrible tragedy.

It’s the one in the middle that brakes the car, stupid. Not the one on the right!


Apparently, the child was at the death’s door, but survived. The woman reportedly dragged him for 10 meters.

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        1. I see dumbass people behind the wheel everyday. The smartest thing my gym coach drivers ed teacher ever said was “people drive the way they think”. Lots of people don’t think.

          I don’t see life through a gender lens despite most people doing so. Dumbasses come in every form, male and female. I don’t see sexism as being a solution to sexism.

          I killed a pretty big dog many years ago. It was the dog or me and my passengers, and needless to say I’m going to kill the dog every time.

          I was driving a van along an interstate going 65 MPH. I always look up way ahead when I drive so I saw when the dog jumped the fence from its backyard and ran into the path of the oncoming vehicles. Several cars swerved out of the way barely missing it. I had only enough time to decelerate to 55mph. I had a choice to swerve into an embankment on my left and would have very likely flipped the van, or hit a car that was on my right- or hit the dog which was running straight for me.

          The dog literally bounced off of the front bumper, destroying the bumper. We didn’t stop and just kept going. I knew I had made the right choice and even though it was sad I would do it again if the situation arose requiring it.

          I have very good reflexes in stressful situations such as wrecks. During an unavoidable accident where an old MAN quite unfit to drive due to age, plowed through a red light hitting me, I saw it coming and with no other time to change course or move out ahead (had I done so he would have hit my driver door instead of my front panel) I literally relaxed my whole body so the impact wouldn’t cause my body as much harm (had I tensed up I would’ve been hurt more).

          People drive the way they think, and men don’t have a monopoly on common sense, rational or an ability to reason. In fact, this site is a good example of a male dominated world. Many of the worst videos are ALL MALE. it varies from region to region, but I wouldn’t say that women get preferential treatment in India, or Iraq, Iran, anywhere in the Middle East. Women couldn’t own property in the United States or operate businesses up until the turn of the century. We won the right to vote BY ONE VOTE.

          I agree that feminists are pretty annoying (that’s putting it nicely), and I spend a good deal of time having to deal with fanatical feminists and it’s infuriating. But to claim as this site does in numerous places that women have it made, is just plain WRONG. It wasn’t women who had the last word which required men to be circumcised. Men oppress men quite effectively from what I see everywhere.

          Since there are more men in most communities than there are women, it stands to reason that there are more dumbasses among men for that reason alone, LOL.

      1. some men + car = the same damn thing. A lot of men are shitty fucking drivers too. like the one that was driving his mini van on the wrong side of the road one morning and almost hiting me head on, or the guy who got mad at my grandmother because she had the right away and he thought he should have it and he pulled a gun on her and followed us for miles to be scarry. Ofcourse I flipped the stupid mother fucker off.

      1. How the fuck do you not realize that you hit something. This bitch didn’t even attempt to stop. Either she played it dumb or she is fucking dumb and shouldn’t drive. I understand that it was the kids fault, but her late reaction was the killer.

    1. Actually since 0:56 the two guys behind the car are trying to move it, that’s why the female driver rushed back inside, to take off the handbrake and move the car, maybe there wasn’t enough space and then they lifted the car and moved it a little. I’m guessing the tire was over the child chest and when they moved it they saw the “dead stare” in the childs face and knew he was a goner.

    2. Astute observation. It looks like that day was the first day many if not all those people saw evacuated brain matter on dusty asphalt. If you watch closely you can actually pinpoint the moment when the child’s skull pops open and blood and brain spray quite a distance. My guess is they lifted the car because they quickly noticed the tires were smearing any brain the kid might’ve had left. I can see how one can argue that she could’ve stopped but that kid came out so fast it almost looks like he was patiently waiting for a car to hit him by precisely timing his run.

    1. nah, she wanted the move the car because it was still on the child. It happened unexpectedly and the woman did not react as one would expect. I heard once that a woman accidentally pressed the gas peddle instead of the break because of the panic and the unexpectedness of the situation. The little boy couldn’t see the car coming because he was smaller than the parked cars and the same can be said for the woman. I’d say it was a freak accident and the woman is innocent.

    1. @dylanenjoysbg, yeah women drivers that must be the reason. That is not a reason for a kid to run out in front of a car. what would you do that was so much different than what she done. fact is you were not in her shoes and until you are you have no idea what you would have done.

  1. The problem is-kids have lesser space left for playing safely every day.
    Fucking cars and Parking areas are everywhere.

    Woman motility&reaction are lower then man’s.
    She tried to do something but failed.
    -Woman is shocked which is clearly visible. I bet she is medicated right now, in deep remorse and sorrow. She had child to.

    RIP to little one.

  2. She wasnt even driving all that fast, the kid came from nowhere, therefore she doesnt have that much of a guilt to beguin with. 😐 Shock and panic prevented her from reacting in time and stopping the car when she should, its only a human anyways.

  3. It’s a shame the driver with the dashcam didn’t think to film the aftermath on his mobile phone. Then we could have had the two camera angles and seen some young roadkill.

  4. Ive got a 2 year old whos just started walking. Been going on at her for months though about roads being dangerous, wait for the green man etc. Never too young to start drumming it into them. Fucking tragedy this.

  5. It looks like the girl in the white is screaming and don t want to sit in the car with her mom?

    Its indeed a quik accident, feel sorry for the family of the child and the driver. I can imagine that in panic you hit the gas instead of the brake

  6. Another woman murderer. Most people think that men are the biggest murderers. But you are forgetting all of the babies that women kill through abortion. So, it’s women who are the biggest mass murderers on the planet, not men. And child murderers at that. Women need to stop murdering children. It’s very fucking selfish.

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