Russian Girl on a Motorcycle Has a Way of Dealing with Littering Drivers

Russian Girl on a Motorcycle Has a Way of Dealing with Littering Drivers
Russian Girl on a Motorcycle Has a Way of Dealing with Littering Drivers

Check out this awesome Russian girl on a motorcycle who’s had enough of drivers littering the roads shamelessly from their vehicles. She wears a GoPro helmet camera and has her own way of dealing with trash tossers.

Hopefully we won’t be seeing her at Best Gore committing “suicide” by jumping out of a highrise, cause young people driving G Wagons are not specifically known for having earned their money with honest work. Unless of course the whole video was staged for t3h interweb…

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  1. You go girl ! Dangerous indeed to do if it’s real. People inconsiderate enough to throw shit out their car window probably wouldn’t think twice about attacking a girl on a bike.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If I was them, I would run her over with my car. But I also have an anger issue… On a side note, I wouldn’t throw trash on the street like a fucking douche bag. I have something called ‘respect.’

      The ashtray in the beginning was my favorite. 🙂

      1. @Drip I used to hate on tailgaters. Until I moved back home and took over the family farm I used to rip the rearview mirror out of my vehicles to keep from noticing them. Just have to find the right solution and we can live with anything. 😉

    2. It’s clearly not real. Wish it was.
      She’s in the perfect shots for the best littering vids I’ve ever seen. Who would back out of a spot, then throw their trash out the window?
      Probably just some kind of anti litter commercial

    1. I hate litterbugs. When I was in high school I had a few “friends” throw trash from my car. I would circle back around the block and stop with the trash out their car door and make them “get out of my car” or “pick up their trash”. They were always like..”Seriously”. They always picked it up… and never did it again in my car.

    1. me too

      regarding the McDonalds incident…….
      true story – my mate had a lovely last model vw golf, the pulled up at night into a McD’s carpark and went inside for a meal, as he sat down with his order to eat – he noticed his car in flames. fire brigade (of course) were called. investigation by them concluded that he had unknowingly parked over a “casualy” dumped mcdonalds bag (of rubbish) and the heat from his cat. convertor had ignited it.
      car was obviously a write-off

    1. terrible scandal isnt it @MH2014 ?

      you know, i went onto youtube yesterday, and was dismayed to find that I wasnt on there, and i didnt see a single “tube”

      you know MH2014 – i would write a strongly worded letter if i was you….maybe go on a march?… could make it your mission in life?

    1. Thems is fightin words Boozer! (& i saw her first)

      But, then again I suppose if she loves you too, then there’s just nothing I can do about it. You are the @Boozer after all ( and I don’t even own a scooter so it probably wouldn’t have lasted).

      Hope your well champ.

      1. Haha mate! @ Dutchy I have a nice bike, so I guess you lose lol….
        How you doing bro? glad to see you back! you really went threw some bad shit ey!
        Get back on your feet bro!! Told you not to fuck yourself into coma! lol
        Best wishes from me mate!! 😉

  2. If it’s real she’s heading for trouble. I don’t usually litter but one day I was sitting waiting for a tube and absently mindedly was picking the wrapper of those little chews and dropping little bits of wrapper. A women politely asked me not to do it. For a second I was so angry I was going to tell her to mind her own fucking business. Then I realized what I’d been doing and I was totally in the wrong and picked up the pieces of paper really embarrassed. The point is, no one likes to be told shit, even if their wrong, to throw something in some ones car is going to make a lot of people crazy.

  3. She rocks if its real! .. but i have a gut feeling that it was staged, got alot of coincidences.. ashtrays, a bag of thrown away chips.. and whenever someones throwing away shits her cam was focusing at it? .. i dunno but think its not 100% real..

    1. Everyone here is cracking me up with doubting everything….I am sure there is alot of littering in Russia and this tree hugger with her new gopro cam is having none of it….she just compiled the best ones…do you actually think someone is going to let her trash their car with dumping the ashtray because she wants it on video…don’t thank so….

          1. @Stomper.
            Good on ya. It’s long but he backs it all up.

            After that he did. “look back in anger ”
            A series of articles about the trial and updates as of new info.

            Once you open this door and walk through, you can’t go back.

            Chris Spivey was arrested a couple of weeks ago, computers stolen, house searched on a charge of suspected harassment? His articles are still there and none of the Rigby family has sued for libel? I fucking would.

            The idea that it’s a hoax to people is ridiculous, which would be true in a normal world.

            It’s hard to get to grips with the level of corruption and desire for war. Woolwich was all propaganda.

    1. “the 3rd vehicle would not just drop shit out the window like that especially being near a bin.”
      I have to disagree. I was at an outdoor concert and watched someone throw a Pepsi can on the ground despite the fact that he was standing two feet away from a trash barrel! Some people just don’t care.

    2. Apparently, you lucky devil, aren’t surrounded by douchenozzle asspicklers that make an infantile *point* of littering and befouling the streets. They get more of a charge tossing shit into a creek on their left when they have a trash can right next to them on the right. They certainly could use some correction by some Amazonian fatale on a bike…

  4. Wow Big deal its the fucking city it’s already pretty fucking polluted. Yes it wrong to litter but at the same time humans create so much waste anyways in this environment. A bit of trash thrown on the floor isn’t really a big deal if this is real and she continues I’m afraid someone might just not take it so lightly next time.

    The places where trash and littering I’m against is natural parks or the beach places like that. Not the fucken public street. That’s just my opinion and it ain’t worth much.

    1. I’m of the opinion it’s wrong no matter what. I really can’t stand people who want some one or some force of nature to clean up after themselves. It’s like they have an innate hatred of responsibility.

  5. At roadsides and parks
    Signs’re bold and clear
    ‘Please do not litter
    You’ll be fined if you do.’

    We see trash littered
    All over the ground
    Empty cans and bottles
    Paper, plates, and food.

    An obscure unseen face
    Throws out some items
    Stealthily with precision
    Adding more to garbage.

    Everyone knows it well
    Litter’s not welcome
    And keeps one’s home
    Clear, neat, and clean.

    The very same rule
    Must hold everywhere
    A simple sense of duty
    Makes environment healthy.
    Tirupathi Chandrupatla

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