Russian Girl Plowed on Pedestrian Crossing

Russian Girl Plowed on Pedestrian Crossing

This Russian girl was plowed by a car with dashcam while crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing. You can’t see the zebra very well because of all the snow, but you can see the road sign quite clearly. Several people went to cross the road at the same time, this girl was unlucky to have been just in the way of the car.

The driver was definitely in the wrong here, although wintery road conditions may have contributed to his inability to stop the vehicle efficiently. Girl was also a little bit too oblivious to what was happening around her, but she was on the pedestrian crossing so it definitely should have been the driver’s responsibility to not plow her.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Russian Girl Plowed on Pedestrian Crossing”

    1. They didn’t even make a sound when it happened. I would’ve been screaming! WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS?! 0_o It seems like they wanted to run that poor girl over. It didn’t even seem like they tried stopping the car at all! Wow…

  1. The driver had to have been high. He took this waaay too well.

    Also, crosswalks are not magical force fields. Just because you’re using one, doesn’t mean you’re safe. I use them on a regular basis, and asshole drivers hardly ever pay them any attention. You just have to keep looking out for yourself. Even in areas that are supposed to BE for YOUR safety.

    1. @FD- Exactly! Its like some pedestrians just think because they are between those lines- that they can’t be pancaked! When i cross any street, i look like that of a paranoid meth addict! Looking here, there- up, down, front, back side-to-side! I feel like IF you can gauge that a car is going too fast- fucking MOVE! Run or something! Idk..

      1. Yep, & also that vodka fuelled RUSSIAN was going way too fast considering the road conditions. As for that poor lil girl, get those blasting ear phones of your head & pay attention to your surroundings.

  2. It’s a good job Russian car aren’t fitted with horns (!). The last thing you’d want to do is avert a collision with a pedestrian crossing the road. She might have been a deaf mute though.

    1. Thought the same thing. I also noticed they stopped talking about the time when the driver started to brake. I guess they both knew he won’t stop and were hoping they don’t hit anyone. Guess he was to busy waiting to see if he hits somebody and couldn’t been bothered sounding the horn..

  3. Driver was in the wrong for sure but the silly bitch was not taking any notice of her surroundings just following the herd, i noticed there was no sound of screeching so im guessing the car had anti-lock braking system. The car did seem to be slightly sliding before it cleaned her up, maybe from the snow on the side of the road. One thing is for sure she will be limping for awhile…

  4. She obviously doesn’t know how roads works.

    From a very early age, we were taught the “Green Cross Code”. Part of this includes continuing to look left and right whilst crossing the road until you reach the other side.

    After saying that, and with her being a Russian, she’s probably retarded anyway and living in a cardboard box on the street’s prostituting herself for a few rubles.

    1. Exactly…all the guys about to cross the road looked and stopped, the passenger of the vehicle yelled stop to the driver a good 50m or so before…judging from the motion of the vehicle i would say most of it was sliding, good of him to keep the vehicle straight.

  5. He couldn’t do anything to avoid it. He was going too fast at the beginning, and I guess its really hard to stop on that ice-road. He should have drove much more careful in those conditions.

    Btw that is why I always look when I am crossing. Don’t care if its a green light a purple light, pedestrian crossing or a “no cars” zone. You never know what idiot is behind the wheel and what the hell he is doing.

    Guess the girl didn’t have that habit. Hopefully she will no, should could have noticed him not being able to stop.

    1. Agree, Ivan. It also seemed to me he come up on the pedestrians too fast. Probably like you said, the icy conditions prevented him stopping in time. This site has taught me to be very careful walking across the street or near a road.

      1. Are you kidding,It was me?? This site has taught me to be careful in everything! Not just crossing roads, I mean Everything… And be alert to surroundings too..never know whats gonna happen if we slacked down

        1. 802, no, not kidding lol. This post is about a girl getting hit by a car, that’s why I mentioned I’m cautious while crossing a street. Yes, this site shows us all what can happen in an instant, being aware definitely helps. I’ve been on here long enough to know, sometimes it doesn’t matter how aware you are, things can still occur that you have no control over that lead to your death. For example, that girl could have been totally cautious, but suddenly fainted or had a heart attack and dropped onto the road, she probably still would have been hit. So while being aware helps, its not a guarantee. Are you new? If so, welcome! If not, then I don’t think we’ve talked before…nice to meet you, either way. 😉

  6. WTF is wrong with these women in Russia? Why don’t any of them ever look when they’re crossing the damn road? They guy behind her looked and see got to see it coming and stopped. Look both ways before and while you cross is that so hard to remember?

  7. Russians drive too damned fast, especially in those icy road conditions. It’s no wonder there are so many accidents. They drive on surface roads at the same speed as on a highway or freeway.

  8. Driver was speeding, didn’t slow down at all even though pedestrians crossing were visible for quite a damn long time, but the bitch didn’t look at ALL before strolling on by.

    I hope she lived without serious injury but with her head hitting the vehicle as hard as it did I doubt she’s okay by anyone’s standards.

    This video is a bit sad overall, but that’s reality. Look before crossing next time bitch.

  9. That’s what happens when you walk around with your head up your ass. The driver could have had a twofer, but the fellow behind her, alert to his surroundings stopped. She may have been in the ‘right,’ as she clearly was in the middle of the road, but that doesn’t make her any less fucked. I’m betting she died. He didn’t seem to slow down at all. Getting hit at 40 mph does not bode well for continued life, even as a cripple.

  10. While the driver should have been going much slower in the area/conditions ultimately who’s fault is it when you decide to place your fleshy body within the trajectory of vehicles.

    Even at a traffic light you have to make sure everyone stops because at the end of the day nobody put your body in a place you could potentially get destroyed but yourself.

  11. Scientists prove that Female babies tend to be more fixated on other peoples faces in the few weeks/months of birth, on the other hand a Male tends to be more observant on objects and surroundings on a whole. Anytime these videos pop up, i just love to link them to the Femi-nazi forums. More time should be spent by their leaders teaching the fems on how to cross the road(basic pre-school knowledge), rather than trying to exterminate the male species for world dominance.

      1. This website is really slow on processing when i click “post comment” and since i have the patience of a downsy 6-year-old with ADHD i end up spamming the button to try get my post through. Hence the double post….

  12. Ok i know this dumb bitch saw the guy in front of him hurry up and cross the street. It was a split second she thought about hurrying up and cross the street. But her arrogance says to her fuck that shit im the pedestrian, this guy is gonna stop. There is no way he will run me (Thump) oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oowwwwwwww

  13. I tell you some people are either deaf, dont know what a car engine sounds like and/or have never seen snow in their life.

    He braked pretty early, but he was going too fast and she’s a dumbass.

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