Russian Lady on Pedestrian Crossing Hit by Elderly Driver

Russian Lady on Pedestrian Crossing Hit by Elderly Driver

A 33 year old Russian woman is in critical condition after she was hit by an elderly driver while crossing the road. The woman suffered traumatic brain injury, concussion, fractured pelvis and shin, torn ligaments, and pulmonary contusion. The pedestrian crossing she was on is marked by a road sign, but there are no zebra markings on the road.

The incident happened in Krasnodar, Russia. The driver of Lada that hit her was a 75 year old man. From the somersault she was propelled into it looks like she was not wearing her underwear that day.

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        1. I know right? I see people crossing the street all the time, oblivious to the world. Heads straight forward. “La dee da” Not a care in the world. A chick I knew got crushed by a bus because she didn’t look. She was all “Do de do de do” Then just like that. Bus crushed.

    1. Russia – (like most of the shitty former USSR countries) – live in a perpetual “bruce willis” or “conan-the-barbarian” movie, where the measure of man is how “strong” he is.

      it has basically regressed into some backward bizarre cult-of-machoism, where everyone is drunk, and just do what they like “because they are special and so important and so strong”.

      It is basically 300 years behind the rest of civilisation (as a reference muslims are 850 years behind civilisation – Umerica is about 100 years behind cilvilsation due to half the country thinking they live in some john wayne western film, their reliance on the bible, and support for the NRA). Europe and China remain the gold-standard of the civilised world.

      That is why Russians can’t drive.

          1. What formula did you use to assign each region/country an actual number, in years, that they lag behind you in terms of civilized behavior?

          2. @DAConda my formula includes, as parameters, the number of times a “bare chested president” rides on horse-back, and how many “peasant points” that gained him/her (probably a him). Unfortunately it is too complicated to type here

      1. China is the gold standard?

        The same China that has whored itself out to developed nations at the expense of its people and its environment?

        The same China that routinely jails anyone who looks too closely at the workings of the Party?

        The same China that used to (until very recently) harvest organs from the people it jailed?

        I mean, I guess if “civilisation” is code for “plutocratic cesspit of corruption,” then yeah, I can see it.

        1. china “invented/discovered” gun powder, mathematics and chicken fried rice. they earned the right to a few “stumbles”.

          modern russia, and the rest of the shitty backward ex-soviet bloc countries, gave us the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. gee, thanks for your culture.

          1. I fully agree with you on Russia. It’s as backwards as they come.

            All I’m saying is that, in terms of its current political and social constitution, China is not a paragon state. (That said, chicken fried rice is awesome!)

          2. @vae for sure. I mean – i am saying these dudes are behind civilisation…but I’m claiming it is on some absolute scale – just relative (i.e. china can still be a shit hole, and 300 years ahead of russia…) 🙂

          3. What about theramine kalashnakovpoutine sorry putin and systema. Who could live without stoly. Or pronouncingwords from the back of the nasal cavity. And where would an apocolypse be without out the pale horse. Wink wink.

        1. Yes, it is true there is a lot of “imports”, but on a relative scale, Europe and china have largely abandoned ridiculous organised religion ( china such activity is illegal…but same effect) and 4 year olds don’t own semi-automatic rifles (legally).

          Importing of cheap labour is essentially a corporate/problem – and it is a problem – but we generally don’t much grief from friendly chinese imports or our polish plumbers …. its the imports from the “uncivilised” that end up messing us up (either by being threats to civilised life themselves – or spreading their bullshit hate and inspiring local-home-grown hate… aka like al-mahjaroon wankers)

      2. Seen enough dont give a shit chinese drivers and fucked up little shit towns to assume your joking or stupid. Not to mention active shia law in eu to prove you wrong. Civilised is an urban legend. People are savage stupid and full of shit everywhere

    2. I agree but ….the lady has to accept some responsibility too. She should have stop in front of the call that stopped to check both sides for traffic. This type of accident happens all too often. Let’s hope she pulls through.

      1. russian females are worse than their male “white apes” counterparts…frankly.

        but yes – slavic woman with big legs – should have looked both ways. She probably just assumed traffic would stop for her, in her slavic nonchalance…

  1. She has nude hosing/undergarments on. She didn’t look both ways! And the older driver should have been aware of the pedestrian crossing; going too fast. Major bummer for both. Its easy to say though, isn’t it?

    1. Watch it again and she actually strains to see over the dashcam car to see if there is any danger ….obviously the idiot in the lada was hammering the motor or came out of that side street that we see on the right …..poor woman . Nice legs too

    1. She made the mistake of assuming since 1 vehicle stopped for her any others would too. Yesterday on my way home from work in the pouring rain some fool almost made the same mistake. Luckily I’m a very attentive driver and missed the idiot by about 3 inches! As I continued home I thought, “That was almost a submission to BG…..”

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      2. Trust me, when you ask for a BJ while driving on the I-8. Between San Diego and Yuma,….yep, it took me a while to cum, but I was able to nut in her mouth after she hit that spot.. About an hour later, we had to stop north of Tuscon…I had to fuck her so we worked one out with nothing but stars in the sky and the border patrol trying to figure out if I was harboring an illegal..good for us, my info checked out !!! Now come get some sleep like Imma bout to do you first. I don’t know why, but [email protected]

    1. She was probably nagging him ceaslessly about something or other usually everything as women go. Saw the woman crossing and just for a moment wondered what life would be like without his nagging saggy old bag faced cunt of a wife and THUMPITY.

  2. This is exactly how the armenians drive in Glendale,CA. People who j walk are often run down by Armos that hit and run..and it always almost happens like this. A person tries to cross the street and starts off..the driver on the right lane stops for the pedestrian…as they try to cross, the left lane driver often does not see the j walker until it’s too late. But the fact that they (split) after is becoming a regular occurrence. At least this old Fart stopped immediately And checked on her. That’s rare here in So Cal.

  3. I’ve seen videos of people getting run over and immediately getting back up like nothing happened.
    This one however, that was quite a brutal hit!!
    She looked down as she was crossing the second part of the road for some reason?
    When the body flips like that, you know your gonna have some nasty injuries!!
    Eyes up woman for fucks sake!

    1. And it was a steel lada!!!! Not like it was a minivan with a plastic bumper and crumple zones. I stopped for a pedestrian in my daytona and was rearended by a new lincoln. Fucking lincoln folded up like an accordian and my daytona… Not a scratch.

  4. Lesson to get out of this obe is NEVER EVER assume that any other virus is looking out for you, waving you into the street or across an intersection. Pay attention to your OWN shit….plus l didn’t see a cross walk, but l may have just overlooked it.

  5. Natural selection……’re confident… be dumb enough….jay walking
    Without scanning your environment…….well … vs you…….guess who wins
    Une voiture peut en cacher une autre…..c’est la vie…..oui oui!!!!.

  6. This is why you should not stop for pedestrians in places like this, unless you’ve made sure there are no other cars behind you.

    People who stop like this, have good intentions, but they are not doing anyone any favors. They are just creating a dangerous situation.

    By stopping, you encourage the pedestrian to cross, but the drivers behind you might not stop, and they can’t see the pedestrian, because of your car. At the same time the pedestrian can’t see the cars behind you, because of your car.

    The pedestrian might then make the mistake of not stopping and looking again, and then this is what happens.

    Unless you make sure there are no other cars, it’s much better to keep going, and letting the pedestrian wait for a gap in traffic.

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