Russian Military Truck Destroys Passenger Car with Wide Turn

Russian Military Truck Destroys Passenger Car with Wide Turn

Nothing like getting crushed by a military truck that has wheels almost as big as your car.

Caught on dashcam in Russia – dashcam car is passed by a black vehicle on a stretch of a road with broken line, when out of nowhere a huge military truck merges into traffic with wide turn, destroying the car. That truck almost fell into the ditch on the opposite side of the road so it’s reasonable to assume that if it didn’t stop on the black vehicle, it would have come close to hitting the dashcam car.

Not sure what the truck driver was doing but from the video it does look like he was a big fat idiot. Too bad it’s the passenger car that paid the higher price. Its driver possibly paid the highest one.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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20 thoughts on “Russian Military Truck Destroys Passenger Car with Wide Turn”

  1. I’m pretty sure that the driver of the black car is no longer a living breathing organism..
    That is unless they find a way of keeping a head alive without a body. From what I can see of this crash the body of the driver would definitely be squished.

  2. When i look closely, just to the viewers left of the truck, and right before impact with the black car, I see a flash of silver shoot off from the truck through the field. To me it looks like a car that may have been in front of the truck (possibly trying to pass it and cutting back in too soon?)

    1. You got it @Uniballer…!
      There is a vehicle that go’s off the road right in front of the truck as it turns onto the main road. That would explain why the truck was so far into the oncoming cars lane..
      You are very observant my good man..

  3. Vladimir held a peace sign last week at a Support Your Local Spetznaz fundraising event to protest the military. Making good on his threat, Spetznaz Yuri ended Vlad’s life in less than 2 seconds without even touching his Kalashnikov. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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