Russian Truck Drivers Help Each Other to Defeat Extortionists

Russian Truck Drivers Help Each Other to Defeat Extortionists

A Russian truck driver had a minor break down, but it was serious enough to force him to stop where he was and take care of it. Two young wannabe Russian Mafiosos drove by in a blue Lada 9, noticed a stranded truck and it gave them an idea – here’s a truck driver in the middle of nowhere who can’t run away cause his truck is broken. Let’s threaten him and extort money out of him.

And that’s exactly what they did, except that the truck driver used his internal communication system, told other truck drivers what was happening and where he was and asked those who were nearby to help. Within minutes, several semi trucks pulled over, blocked the extortionists off and drivers took them on. One of the racketeers ran away, the other one took a little beating. After that, the truck drivers flipped their Lada over on the roof.

Beautiful. Order restored. For once the good guys won. Although being good guys, they did not continue lynching the extortionists to the brink of death. They were too civilized for that.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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65 thoughts on “Russian Truck Drivers Help Each Other to Defeat Extortionists”

    1. they had delivery to meet! beat the punks up, topple their car, and hit the road. This reminds me of the 1970s movie “Convoy”
      – google “convoy cw mccall” for you folks who don’t know classic American road movies. Truckers are a team – don’t fuck with them!

  1. Beautiful!
    Lucky scum, now they have the chance to maybe learn from it or release their anger with a hammer on a victim in the forest, who knows.
    The truckers remind me of a elephant herd which tramps down a bunch of hyenas. Nice solidarity.

  2. That was lovely – despite the fact that in this case one wouldn’t mind a little more hurt inflicted on those two fuckers, that’s where the street justice can go wrong… I would maybe go totally berzerk on their car.

  3. lol that lada flipping was just pure gold.

    honestly being stuck in the middle of absolutely nowhere and having to pay lots of $$$ for the towing is almost as good as a beating, not to mention the repairs.

  4. It’s all ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ until somebody pulls out a cannon. Wonder what they threatened driver with in the first place that they didn’t use when confronted.

  5. Now that trucker can go about his day killing people because they think they own the road. A ‘I’m bigger than you so the fuck out of my way’ attitude is what most of them have.

    Just sayin’….

  6. ” Although being good guys, they did not continue lynching the extortionists to the brink of death. They were too civilized for that.”

    You know how to convert feeling in words;
    This is the reason i love to read you dude.
    If i am you Mark I’ll wrote book’s for sure.

    Damn man, it will be extremely cool if people from here gather on some party.. Love you guys 馃檪

      1. Queef is right. The most creepy, demented, uncomfortable party imaginable. I’m sure you are all (most) stand-up people, but maybe we should stick to commenting on this great site..

        I would still go if I was invited.

          1. It should happen in Brazil or Mexico, just to honour their contributions. I think, I?ll equip myself with a pneumatic dildo hammer, just to get rid of all the horny people.

  7. There are 3 things in this world you don’t mess with. Mother in laws, Mother nature, and Motherfuckin truckers. I love to see thugs get there asses kicked. Flipping the car that’s the best.. They have to walk back to town nursing they’re kicked asses.

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