Russian Tire Kills Woman in Moscow

Russian Tire Kills Woman in Moscow

Russian Tire Kills Woman in Moscow

Thursday night in Moscow, Russia, an out of control Kamaz tire reams into a 54-year-old woman, like a rock skipping water.

Calling it a day as cashier at shopping center in Third Transport Ring, she walks toward cab waiting for her. The tire did not tread lightly when it refused to grant a pussy pass to the old bagger.

Male bystander manages to avoid impending danger by not having face shoved into cellphone screen. Patrol men in the area gave chase after the tire with a 500 meters dash.

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      1. It was headed to the town of Bridgestone for a Continental breakfast and a bottle of 1959 Bordeaux (it was such a Goodyear). From me Toyo…life passes by quickly. Slow down a bit and you won’t get as Tired.

    1. I guess I’m old school, but you’ll never catch me walking around staring at my cell phone. This is reason 2,345,983,594 why. That easily could have been dodged by stepping to the left or jumping out of the way at the last second. I don’t do social media and messages can wait.

  1. Reminds of a Pixies song called River Euphrates.

    “Ride a tire down the river Euphrates, ride a tire down…”

    This is not the first death by tire I’ve seen, and will not be the last. I always get more cautious than the normal when I realize there is a truck or bus passing by, so I can preempt a rambunctious tire from ripping my head off.

      1. @jadedcunt

        Having listened to their discography, there are plenty of songs by them that I like, and some I’m not fond of. Yes, it is a great band indeed, especially when you realize that all of these newer indie rock bands from the past decade (who definitely drew inspiration from the Pixies since they were the pioneers of the genre) are all a bunch of soyboys and feminists trying to be “alternative” or whatever, while producing shitty music.

  2. Police probably chased this tire for 5 miles, with cars and helicopters, tried to shoot the tire, but it was too fast. Eventually the tire grabbed a life of a few victims and ran away successfully. Police has now placed barricades on the outskirts of the city, and is on a look out for a suspicious looking tire.

    If you’re a tire and try to get out of city, you will have to show your papers.

    1. I’m sorry, but I would rather sacrifice a bit of my surround attention than sacrifice my time. I watch youtube, movies, and all kinds of other video content while on the go because I literally don’t have a minute to waste in my life and can find a more useful things to do at home.

      Often those videos include work-related contenet, and as soon as I’m sitting on a train, I bring up my lap top and start working.

      I hate people who think I’m a fuck tard for looking in my phone or laptop constantly. I value my time. That’s also one of the reasons I earn more than 95% of people in my country.

      1. It’s great that you can use technology properly for good reasons, but it’s a well known fact for anyone who knows what’s going on around in the world that the vast majority of people who constantly use their phones are actually addicted to it, and they use technology for futile and trivial things instead of using it for gathering knowledge. That’s why they are consumerist zombies who can’t get any joy out of things that really matter in life, and are dumber than a rock. They actually waste most of their time looking up shit in the internet and showing off to others on social medias instead of doing something productive. It’s sad, to say the least. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

        1. I do, and I don’t even have a facebook account, nor twitter, nor any other social media shit.

          The walk from my office to the train takes 20 minutes. That’s 40 wasted everyday on walking while observing the same fucking scenery which you become sick of after 6 months.

          So I think it’s only natural to use this time for getting some useful or entertaining content. But from the outside I look just like another retard who can’t raise his head off his phone. I actually consider to get AR eyewear to stream content in augmented reality fashion while I can look straight forward, but I can’t find any good gadget because apparently people think this is a crazy idea and all they want to use their Google Glasses (now officially dead) for is to look up weather, missed calls, or those fucking FB updates again.

      2. Well then, I’m guessing that your giant salary comes with a comprehensive health care plan. Since you cannot be bothered with looking where the fuck you’re going, it will come in handy.
        Forget about mowing down children in crosswalks. You have a gay little e-report due and some Facebook updating to get done. Time is a premium you know.
        Also, is your allotted BG time taking away from your huge salary?

        1. Actually yes, it does. Every second I’m not spending on working does eat away from my funds. Glad you’re asked.

          But, I think BG is a really valuable content, and an eye-opener in many regards.
          Mind you, I never use any distractions when driving, because there’s a difference between walking on a side-walk, and driving a huge 1 ton death bullet

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  5. She was striding too tiredly and that reprobate tire made sure that she reached her ultimate destination without paying any fare.

    Lets vamoosh , hell now its headed our way , and there’s no running away.

  6. Poor thing, I couldn’t help but to bust out laughing though, of all the random things to get killed with while walking down the street. I wonder if the tire is related to the star of “Rubber” 😉

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