Saudi Arabian Driver Kills Himself Drifting

Saudi Arabian Driver Kills Himself Drifting

If you’re going to show off drifting, perhaps you should at least buckle up for your own safety. Unless you’re a Saudi – of course, cause anyone whose king supports terrorism and gets his ass kissed by an American president is about as useful as water-proof teabag.

The only good thing about this video is that the dumbass drifter didn’t kill any innocent bystanders, though this statement is kind of conflicting, given the opening paragraph. Can’t go wrong taking a few extra Saudis with you when departing the living.

Drifting on a public road which is used by civilians and businesses is like begging for mother Karma to interfere and put a terminal stop to the idiotism. Act like an asshole, die like one. Justice served. If only whole Saudi Arabia drifted itself out of the world…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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