School Children Crossing Road in Manila Mowed Down by Jeepney

Respoders Attempt to Assist School Girl After Crosswalk Mow Down

School Children Crossing Road in Manila Mowed Down by Jeepney

A speeding jeepney hit several school children crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing in Manila, the Philippines on Wednesday night February 12, 2020, leaving seven injured and one dead.

The victims were aged 13 to 15 years old. All of them were rushed to the Manila hospital. Police arrested the jeepney driver, Crisalde Tamparong, who claimed the jeepney had lost its brakes.

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      1. Snow is different, if you slide on to oncoming traffic, you have no choice but to steer into the direction you are sliding in. I have experienced that before, going 30mph, on the highway during a snow storm, we slid towards oncoming traffic, not more than 35 feet away from us, in coming by 15 feet was a van. Could have been severely injured, or a broken arm at worse.

        1. Did you hit the handbrake? How bad was the snow? If I was a driver who had a choice to neck a bunch of teenagers or some dude waiting at a stop light, protected by a metal cage, I’d attempt to do some damage control. Really, I don’t think this was distracted driving.

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    1. And a tractor towing a harvester would have taken even more……
      And if it was going faster, even more still……
      Had the class had more kids, I suspect, yet more victims…….
      If the accident happened underwater, there would have been some that drowned taking victim count higher still…….
      Thank the Lord above, there was no tractor…….

  1. Just tell them you did it. Tell ‘em you thought “fuck it, why not?” and ran ‘em over on purpose. No one’ll think less of you for satisfying a random urge to go pedestrian bowling. What’s life if you can’t do weird random shit every once in a while?

  2. The driver later admitted to the police that he was then giving a passenger his change and failed to notice the students crossing the street.

    Drug tests also revealed he was positive for “shabu” (crystal meth), according to the Makati police.

    Tamparong is currently facing a slew of criminal charges, including driving under the influence of drugs and reckless driving resulting in homicide and multiple injuries.

    1. Well that’s it then, Duadurte (President) will just have him face the firing squad. As far as I know, anyone has the right to snuff out the life of a drug dealer and also a drug user in the Phillipines, even if it’s only suspected. Needless to say had my country introduce similar laws, I would have been poisoned to death with Fosters Beer ( no guns in Oz) many moons ago. Although I have cut back my drugs significantly over the past year or so. I just love my sleep too much, so out with the ice and replace with the skagy horse when the need arises………

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