School Girl Crushed to Death by Truck in Garut, Indonesia

School Girl Crushed to Death by Truck in Garut, Indonesia

On October 3, 2016, in Garut, Indonesia, a school girl was run over and killed by a truck.

17 year old Salza rode pillion on the bike of her friend Alma Nabila, who tried to unsafely overtake a truck, but because of oncoming traffic, rapidly applied brakes which forced the motorcycle into a skid. Both girls fell off the bike, one on either side. Salza was run over by the truck and suffered mortal injuries.

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36 thoughts on “School Girl Crushed to Death by Truck in Garut, Indonesia”

  1. @happy I swear that this site has made me slow down and be way careful passing. I also don’t act like a showoff as much I used to – like fucking around at high speeds on the interstate. This site makes me appreciate the privilege of driving a lot more. Seriously. We may have our disagreements but I do appreciate these vids as they’ve made me think more about safety.

    1. Theres a huge difference between knowing something bad might happen when youre not careful enough and seeing the terrible things that have happened to others. Sometimes you just need pictures in your head to understand.

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