Scooter Crash Leaves Girl with a New Vagina

Scooter Crash Leaves Girl with a New Vagina

Warning: Female Asian Driver Ahead.

On June 30, 2014, in the Mueang Phitsanulok district of Northern Thailand, a young college girl on a moped scooter was involved in some sort of crash that left only minor damage to the back of her scooter but managed to gouge a deep, nasty cut into her upper thigh, revealing more fatty tissue than you would think such a little woman would have. I can only speculate that she was perhaps rear-ended and slid into something hard or sharp but look around, your guess is as good as mine. There is a biker hanging around the scene so perhaps he was involved? Looks like his elbow is bandaged, too. Either way it does look like we have competent medical responders in this post as they seem ready and able to get her situated and off to hospital before she bleeds out and has to be ruled a “suicide”. Now her daddy’s gonna have to kill a bunch more white foreigners to get that scooter repaired.

But, if you ever wanted to date a girl with two vaginas, today is your lucky day. This girl’s got some quality real estate that’s gonna be bought up pretty quick, so i’d hurry if i were you.

Oh Thailand, you never disappoint.

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      1. @ewe, to me it looks like a hard object. Perhaps piece of the bike’s fairing or something. It kinda looks like a credit card. Whatever it is the wound makes a nice little pocket. All women should have one, then they wouldn’t need to carry a purse.

      2. @ewestomper,

        It?s definitely a piece of metal from the bike otherwise they wouldn?t have photographed the damaged back of the bike. Also you can see the entry wound on the knee as it pushed up and inwards towards the thigh.

        They obviously just bandaged the wound to stop infection because that piece of metal was wedged deep which was stopping bleed out, particularly if an artery was penetrated because the last thing you would want to do is remove it there in the street.

        1. @Broke
          Haha, definitely a better look than those daft expensive handbags that seem to bewitch many females.

          @mama, @Empty
          That piece of metal must have caused some damage to the ligaments around the knee cap / patella , which would hurt like crazy. Long road ahead for this girl.

          1. Hanabi you told us before that you don’t go to school, that your parents took you out for home tutoring when you were fourteen or something.

  1. I think i got the picture of what happened here. After seeing the pictures i puzzled a bit of the situation:
    – The girl was speeding on her scooter and crashed in the back of the other guy’s bike, and since she couldnt turn or stop her scooter in time, her leg was punctured by the rear plastic mud-cover skirt of the guy’s bike, breaking it and leaving a piece stabbed in it.

    1. It looks more like she ran into a truck and something metal was hanging off the back of the vehicle and with her leg out it drove the metal deep into her thigh. The driver of the other vehicle probably didn’t even notice. If you notice there are scratches on the right side of her scooter but none on the front

  2. There are stickers on that plastic looking piece inside her leg which leads me to believe that it’s a chunk of fairing. There are also some metal looking pieces in the wound and what looks to be a silver tooth to the right of it. Hope they got it all out before they sewed her back up.

    1. After looking at the pics again I have concluded that the object in her leg is a piece of the rear mudflap from the bike she ran into. You can see in the third pic that there is damage to the mudflap and side panel along with the tail light of the other bike. I know this because I watch Columbo every Thursday night and Judge Judy every day.

      1. There’s a clip type looking thing in there too.

        Can’t beat Columbo , in his battered old soft top Peugeot. And judge Judy , I wouldn’t mess with her , she really does tell it as it is 馃槈

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          3. haha it wasn’t just that she wasnt’ allowed to wear her ‘goth lolita’ dress, she wasn’t allowed to wear to see the headmaster. oh dear, oh dear.

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  3. I wish my neighborhood was full of teenage girls wearing short skirts on scooters, it looks like a great way to meet chicks. We only have 20 something year-old males whipping around here who can’t speak English. “You no rook!”

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      1. $15 !!!! Shit, I’m going to Hawaii…..where exactly ( like street and number) does she work?

        I have always said we really need crack in this country! Makes people so cheap and desperate. Love it!!

      2. woow, inreally didnt know this question was not allowed, sorry folks, im gonna send for you some pics of an accident that occured 1 km away from my home, a seat Ibiza lost control at 200km/h it was a twisted bloody metal mess. hope i clean my foul with these pics 馃檪

  5. I rarely see an ambulance in when I was Thailand. Hospitals don’t like them cuz they’re expensive. I remember the ministry of health ordered 50 or so US style ambulance but then it somehow went unused, beats me why .

    Usually , it’s the guys that do the pointer that deals with accidents. They belong to this nonprofit organization called “por tek tueng”. They travel to accident sites via pickup as you may see in the pictures from other post. Most of the members are usually volunteers with none to little background in first aid or weekend paramedics . Of course there are medically trained supervisors.

    I’ve never volunteered myself but I had a finish friend who did. Told me it was dangerous getting to the accident sites on the back of a pickup truck. Clearing the site can also be dangerous with cars speeding by or other unseen hazards.

    1. Since it’s a nonprofit organization, they need to receive donations in order to go on. This comes from either the victims family or other people businesses etc. Certain people who are a major contributer in donations will only donate each time the organization does a rescue/saving. So in order for the organization to get that money, they need proofs and that done by having a member of the organization take a picture with the victim / accident sites and hence the pointers. There are more rescue organization like the por tek tueng in Thailand, that’s why they compete to accident sites and probably why they’re there before the ambulance. This is what I’ve been told.

        1. You know what Ob’s what I see on here are a whole lot of people who have never been anywhere. They don’t even leave their own home counties yet they constantly want to tell world travelers not to go anywhere because it’s so dangerous. I’ve know a whole lot of people that have been there. They didn’t fuck around with prostitutes, especially not children. They spent a bit of time in the resorts and then travelled inland. Not one of them ever had a the slightest trouble from the locals. In fact the opposite. Yes, I’m a sheep. I think the people that get thrown of building are by an large the pead’s, good riddance to them.

          1. I been Thailand twice. I loved every minute. No trouble at all. Even rode a scooter in Bangkok which was probably the most stupid thing I have ever done. It scared the shit out of me and I am actually surprised I didn’t die doing it.

  6. It looks like part of metal inside that wound?
    I don’t want to sound too picky, but that extra hole does not look sexy to me. But who knows. I’m having regular sex. But if for some strange reason I do not get any, maybe it would look attractive to me in 2-3 weeks time. Who knows. In essence when you’re more sexually deprived you become more weird. Like animal driven by primal instincts. Maybe that’s something with chemistry in our brains.

  7. That’s terrible!!

    I hate to see anyone split up like that. You got your whole life ahead of you honey.

    Now, go and date something a little bit bigger and stronger…

    …like a one ton pickup truck

    I saw a marshmallow explode once, and it took the back tire off one of those one cylindered toys…

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