Scooter Rider Bounced Between Two Pickup Trucks in Thailand

Scooter Rider Bounced Between Two Pickup Trucks in Thailand

Looks like this was the case of plain old bad luck – the scooter rider was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It looks like a woman on the scooter stopped at the intersection and a pickup truck stopped behind her. Entering the intersection from the opposite end was another pickup truck that got t-boned by a box truck. The pickup went into a spin and violently hit the motorcyclist with its tail. The rider was thrown onto the hood of the truck behind her and bounced onto the road where she collapsed motionless.

I don’t know what happened to the rider, but that headbutt on the hood was strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if she died due to broken neck or severe blunt force trauma to the brain.

This is also yet another one of those cases whereby a rider wears a safety helmet on her head, but the helmet is not securely fastened. Helmet that is not fastened so tightly it’s literally glued to your noggin is as good as nothing. If the helmet flies off when you are violently jerked, it will do you no good. For the n-th time: the need to have your helmet strapped tightly cannot be overstated.

The incident happened in Thailand. I do not have any further details about it.

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    1. Honestly i used to ride a bike there a lot in my early teens, before i knew about accidents happening all the time, when we were on vacation in Thailand visiting my stepmother’s family in the village. And i can say, never once was i suggested wearing a helmet, asked or even thought about it. But neither had i ever seen an accident either :c

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    1. It appears to me the person was attempting to run the stop sign but only stopped because a car was there turning. Overall it was a shitty thing but I think in the end the lesson here is don’t be an asshole driving or otherwise this might happen to you.

  1. Jeez, this really reinforces the age old saying ‘when your time is up, your time is up’.

    When I see a video like this, it always makes me think, if only she had decided to take an extra 5 seconds to go back in the house to grab her mobile of the kitchen bench or the shopping list of the fridge, or if that truck driver hadn’t bought that litre of milk this morning he would have had an extra two bucks to buy another litre of petrol at the servo which would have taken an extra 25 seconds on the driveway, and she wouldn’t have ended up on the bonnet of that car, and instead she would just be pulling up to the scene of a minor prang.

    But it could have worked the other way too I suppose in that maybe she did decide to go back in the house to get the shopping list and maybe the truck driver found another two bucks in between the seats, and that extra time he took to buy the extra petrol IS the reason this happened…..

    My mind boggles with death scenarios like that sometimes……

    1. When your numbers up, its up, and you can cry and scream and run but you’ll only die tired and outa breath. There’s no avoiding it. The best you can hope for is that someone is filming when the time comes

  2. Thailand as usual, fuckers cant drive for shit.

    I dont think this is only “bad luck”. The motorcycle rider managed to stop AFTER the pedestrian line and still had the helmet not fastened correctly.

    Even if you are on hurry you can still drive very safely.

  3. I can’t understand those idiots, even truck drivers who drive with full speed through a crossover, even with green lights.
    But it seems, that the driver drove through yellow or even red.
    Stupid senseless fatal accident.

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