Semi Driver Crashes, Tries to Flee the Scene, Gets Caught and Almost Lynched

Semi Driver Crashes, Tries to Flee the Scene, Gets Caught and Almost Lynched

A driver of a semi truck passing through Mogi das Cruzes in southeastern São Paulo, Brazil crashed, caused a lot of material and property damage, and decided to abandon the truck and run for his life. Other drivers noticed that he was attempting to flee, caught him and were about to lynch him, but then an undercover cop showed up and stopped the mob from going all ape on the guy.

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      1. @scHoLaR oF SMuT
        I don’t post much but lurk alot. I’ve always thought of you as a wise and informed young lady. I’ve learnt a few things from you.
        But have to admit im lost a tad on your reply.
        Is this due to the fact im English and don’t recognise the names (pele excluded) or that im just a dumb fuck?

        1. @wurly
          you are anything but dumb, my sweet good lady 🙂
          I sense you found the vid lacklustre so I posted that for yu (and only you to make YOU SMILE)

          I’m not into baiting and burning forum friend but I do bite with bandwith when I post my own opinions to generalized issues
          big hugs to yu, and hope we meet again xox
          scholar 🙂

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    1. I also had the same kind of thaughts piggy, they ran him out of his flip flops,…. Pfft typical flip flop mentality it would almost seem any excuse for a good ol lynching out there ! Hope everybodys monday hasn’t been to. Stressful ! , so glad work is done for the day!

  1. Man..i was expecting a head bust or someone getting fucked up…this video was pretty tame compared to its label…they shoulda rocked de Silvas world….was he drunk i wonder…ugly lil shit…and really camera guy…could you not show us your finger.. :/

  2. Should have worn his Nike air Da Silvas that day, he might have got away. If I crashed my car I’d be too pissed off about damaging my own car to worry about running, or other people’s stuff. Stuff can be replaced, but if you kill someone it’s a whole different bag.

    1. I just wanna tell you.. I went on vacation about a month ago, and I tried that wet ball of tissue paper/toilet paper thing you told me to do. I dropped it from my 5th floor balcony next to a group of teenagers and I almost got thrown out of the hotel. So thanks for getting me in trouble! It was pretty fun, though.

      1. Ah no way, that’s fuckin brilliant! I was nearly kicked out when I did it too. I’ve no idea how they picked me out from 20 something floors up. But its funny watching the people below wondering what the fuck is going on. Childish but ya have to do it. Next time shout “allahu akbar” when it hits the ground for added effect. Thanks for that @nextexgirl, your tale made me laugh hard.

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