Semi Truck T-Boned by Another Truck, Driver Ejected

Semi Truck T-Boned by Another Truck, Driver Ejected

When you get two arrogant truck drivers on the same road, funny shit is bound to happen. BTW… I do understand that calling truck drivers “arrogant” is redundant.

So this semi driver thinks he can pull an unsafe turn with zero respect for other traffic participants because he’s a truck driver so he doesn’t have to respect other traffic participants, but the other traffic participant was also a truck driver and he likewise thought that because he’s a truck driver he didn’t have to respect other traffic participants and just drove straight on. It’s a truck driver’s mentality: “I’m gonna drive the way I want, everybody else will have to stop or swerve cause as a truck driver, I don’t stop or swerve for other vehicles.”

The result of this arrogance, in this case was ejection of the driver in the semi, though I’m sure Karma bitch-slapped the other truck driver too and kicked him in the nose as he face-planted his windshield. PWNT truck driver is a good truck driver, for PWNT truck drivers get their fucking arrogance knocked out of them, for however brief a moment that is.

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  1. The yellow truck driver not only failed to indicate direction but was clearly not wearing a seatbelt, The red truck failed to apply brakes when faced with a truck in his way and was following to closely for that type of vehicle, my conclusion, they were both twats.

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