Serious Road Carnage Courtesy of Brazil

Serious Road Carnage Courtesy of Brazil

The gods of gore have blessed us today, my brothers and sisters. Serious road accident on the BR 135 approx. 3km from the city of Presidente Dutra, state of Bahia, Brazil on June 13th, 2015.

The carngae that ensued was the result of a collision between a Chevy Prism and a livestock truck. The Prism was split in half and both occupants were ejected and smeared over the road like blood-filled dolls. The two people killed were a married couple; Candido Alves Neto and his wife Francisca, both from the town of Palma. The cause of the accident is unknown.

Speaking of Carnage, he happens to be one of my favourite Marvel villains. Can anyone name my favourite Marvel villain of all time?

Mad props to Best Gore member, SparklingSpectre for the hook up.

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    1. What’s up @jack. Just saw your reply on the other thread…unfortunately I’m only able to load the site about 10% of the time unless I use a TOR browser which is kind of a pain in the ass. I keep getting an error that says “bad gateway” and it just loads a cached version of the page from about a week ago. I’m starting to go through gore withdrawals bro. Shit is frustrating.

        1. I used a proxy site for a bit and had better luck (thanks @LittleFoot!) and have used a darkweb TOR browser. I think what’s a pain in the ass is jumping through extra hoops to get here, then trying to comment, only to have the login page come up in an infinite loop. Fuck…lol. Hopefully it gets better.

          On another note, how about those grease spots in the road? Maybe this is where we get the term Brazilan wax.

    1. well bigger cars are not necessarily safer. look at some iihs crash tests for example, some big cars do horrible and some smaller cars like a subaru impreza get 5 stars in all the tests. Also cars get safer each year, newer cars use higher strength steel for the occupant area. and finally if you get hit by a massive speeding trucks no car will probably save you. Also this chevy looks old and we don’t know the condition it was in, it could have had major rust and broke in half because of that. also especially in shitty countries it is not uncommon for people to weld together two cars to make one, lie someone might actually rebuild this car and sell it to someone.

      1. @persian

        Tests are done with vehicles that are within the same (size) class.

        I will take my 6000 pound F250 over an Impreza or any other small, mid size, or even large car in a real road crash. Even in a crash with a large truck like the one that was involved in the accident above, I would have a much better chance in a larger car than in a small car.
        Do you honestly think a ‘Smart’ car is really smart when it collides head on with my F250, or a Surburban?

        When it comes to a crash…weight, mass and height will win many more times than lose…it’s basic science….

        1. What you say it true to some extend. I get what you mean that’s why if you get hit my an 18 wheeler or a speeding bus you are fukt no matter how safe your car is. what i’m saying is that some trucks actually do horrible in crash tests. like in those front impact tests where they crash a vehicle into a wall at 60mph some trucks have done horrible compared to smaller cars. I think some of the older toyota tacomas crumbled like crazy and doors feel off in the crash.

          1. and those smart cars are actually pretty safe, they don’t absorb much impact which is bad but they use ultra high strength steel to protect the cabin from getting crushed so a smart car would not likely be torn into half like this car but in a major impact you’ll get killed bc your body would absorb all the energy.

  1. CAR FOR SALE: Slight damage to front bumper, front suspension, and headlights. Has 100k miles. Front wheels could use a quick realignment, and rear seats have been removed for wright reduction purposes. Any blood stains should come off with some bleach.

  2. wtf is up with tons of people hanging out next to the scattered body parts with no police around. they are obviously dead so they can’t help anyone so why the fuck are they just chilling next to the blood and guts. i swear in brazil no one has jobs or anything to do they just wait for something like this to happen so they can go chill next to the gore.

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