Setting Sun Gives Shine to Smear Left Behind by Mangled Motorcyclist

Setting Sun Gives Shine to Smear Left Behind by Mangled Motorcyclist

Ass up, head dow…. wait!

This happened in Sangareddy, in the state of Telangana, India. A motorcyclist was run over by a truck and turned into a login smear on the road. The setting son gives the smear nice gloss.

Whereas the upper body was completely mangled, I can’t reliably tell if the victim is a man or a woman, but I tend to see feminine features there. And I’m necessarily talking about the natural doggy reception pose…

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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55 thoughts on “Setting Sun Gives Shine to Smear Left Behind by Mangled Motorcyclist”

  1. Chances are the glare from the sun contributed to the truck driver not seeing that fat cow crossing the road, and she was way too slow to moove out the way.
    Can’t find any other reasonable explination considering that road is so fucking wide she could have taken her time and waited for traffic to pass

    1. India is a place that will be etched in your mind forever and I totally recommend travelling here. Just be VERY VERY careful. Don’t come alone. That way you will become a soft target. Come in a group – 3 or 4 people or more is better. I heard that once a tourist was drugged on a train and everything was stolen from him, EVERYTHING! They didn’t even leave the underwear and left him lying naked on a platform. The police came and instead of helping him, tried to frame him for being “drunk in public” so he had to pay a $1000 bribe.

      There have been many attacks on tourists including rapes and murders. A British woman was recently murdered in Kashmir. An Irish woman was raped and murdered in Goa.

      If someone tries to sell you something then just ignore them. Don’t reply and they will stop pestering you. Don’t take rides from strangers at night. It’s best to come prepared with your own arrangements. Hire a cab or rent a car for yourself.

      Although, I’d recommend coming to India in winter (between November to March), it’s the best time.

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