Seven People Die as Minivan Collides with Hauler Truck in Maguindanao, Philippines

Seven People Die as Minivan Collides with Hauler Truck in Maguindanao, Philippines

Tragic accident that lead to the deaths of seven people happened on Tuesday June 4, 2013 in the town of Parang, Maguindanao province, the Philippines. Four people died instantly as a Toyota minivan overshot a curve and swung into an oncoming lane, colliding head on with a hauler truck. Two additional people died on their way to a hospital. One more clang on to his life for an extra day but despite intensive medical care, was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

Passengers in the ill fated Toyota Innova were not related to one another in any way. The vehicle was probably used as a means of paid transportation taking passengers to Cotabato City from Malabang, a coastal town in Lanao del Sur. The driver may have dozed off for a second, enough to cause the tragedy.

Driver of the hauler truck reported the accident to police and voluntarily turned over his driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration documents. Investigation into the accident has not been finalized yet, but so far everything suggests that the accident was not the truck driver’s fault.

Props to Best Gore member earthrotten for the video. I have been to the Philippines, but not to Maguindanao because the province is home to active and very deadly Islamic insurgency. It’s also where this brutal massacre took place. I don’t know how busy roads are down there, but in northern parts of the Philippines, it’s chaotic. The country is extremely overcrowded and it reflects on the situation on the roads.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Seven People Die as Minivan Collides with Hauler Truck in Maguindanao, Philippines”

    1. Damn this was pretty clean. At 1:45 i heard the fucking phrase from hell Allah Akbar. Seriously?? Working ems seen kds die just another body just smaler. Shit better off dead then where she lives.

  1. there’s not too much traffic on the road on that part of the country where most road users are trucks hauling logs for the logging companies around the province. so when there’s an accident like this happens it’s guaranteed that there’s a loss of life because you can go as fast as you want with so few other motorists using the road.

  2. it’s not Maguindanao where active and very deadly Islamic insurgency occurs it is in Basilan an island 148.2 nautical miles away off the west coast of maguindanao, it is the island infested by the notorious and jemaah islamiyah backed abu sayyafs.

        1. By “central part of the country”, I’m assuming you mean the Central Visayas region(?).

          I’ve traveled various regions of the Philippines myself?indeed a country of chaos and misfortune.

          Anyway, now that the new autonomous political entity?Bangsamoro?has been established, I wonder if the Muslims of Mindanao will put sharia law into practice? (Or have they done so already?) Perhaps, you know a thing or two about this one(?).

          1. yes central visayas.

            honestly i don’t know much about the politics in that region but i’ll try to answer your question as best as i could. there’s only a part or region of mindanao that recognized by the government as the BANGSAMORO which literally means muslim nation or state also called the ARMM autonomous region in muslim mindanao it consists of 5 provinces including the island of basilan where the abu sayyaf lurks, tawi tawi and the sulu archipelago. sharia law is implemented or practiced on the region because muslims are governed by sharia law long before the establishment of the country’s civil code.

            i hope this answers some of your questions.

        1. not the whole philippines man just that part of the country where the locals of that province were predominantly muslims, religion on that part is a mixup of catholics, muslims and pagans. and yes there’s still pagans out there especially those who lived in the mountains far away from civilization.

  3. Bawk-Bawk! Bawk-Bawk! Chickenlips fire drill. That dude sitting near the bodies was stealing all kinds of neat souvenirs. I call dibs on the watch the guy in the red jacket was wearing. I don’t see how every single person could die in that wreck, the back of the van looked pretty intact.

  4. Somebody say that the plate number of the Toyota Innova is still “For Registration”, meaning, the car is still brand new.

    And I hear someone in the video said “no one will try to smoke, gasoline is scattered everywhere.”

    tragic accident

  5. As soon as I found out that this was from Maguindanao Philippines I quickly jumped in on board to join the crew here in best gore. I live in Butuan City Mindanao and I know that Maguindanao is the place where that infamous Maguindanao Massacre happened back in 2009 of December… Anyway, I’ve been lurking around the shadows of bestgore since 2010 and I’ve finally decided to jump in… And honestly you got some nasty good stuff…:)

    1. The Philippines is a Third World piece of shit (along with most of its inhabitants)?that hurts your feelings, doesn’t it? I’m assuming you’re a Filthypino, since most Pinos tend to get irate (i.e., bitchy) whenever they’re shithole of a country is revealed for what it truly is. Poor bastards.

      1. man that’s true, i’m a pinoy and some of my countrymen will go mad whenever a foreigner describes our country in a derogatory way and i accept that. some of them just can’t face the truth about the country they lived in and it only pisses them more if it is a foreigner who pointed out about our countries flaws.

        1. Well, kudos to you for being logical. It’s a shame most of your countrymen are idiots?this proven by facts such as: most Pinos have an average IQ of fuckin’ 86 (LOL!) and, according to a survey by Gallup, Filipinos are the most emotional people in the world (which explains why most are so dumb and irate). A simple Web search will prove the aforementioned facts to be true.

          1. man it’s sad that some of my people will not take lightly what the foreigners say against our country while they themselves refuse to see or acknowledge the real situation our country or people is in.

            some of the things that foreigners say about our country is true and it’s a bitter pill to swallow, it’s the reality and it’s all up to the individual on how to deal with that.

          2. @carlosdejack taga saan ka?

            @Ceiron Bakkis
            As unpleasant as your wording may seem, what you have stated cannot be denied. The culture and mindset of the people are screwed up, a product of over 370 years of colonization, multiculturalism, poverty, and ignorance. The people are too complacent and submissive. Politics is an absolute mess, which reflects on the people, as its power emanates from the peoples’ so called democracy. People elect celebrities and ex convicts. Filipinos take pride in being the largest Roman Catholic country in Asia, but their religiousness is only in theory, as the way most of the people think and act is absolutely contradictory to Roman Catholic doctrines. Nevertheless, I am still optimistic that one day the people will get their act together.

  6. Isn’t it funny, I don’t mind looking up videos and photos of such events, but if I was there I would not want to take photos or videos. These fuckers ate so disrespectful. Climbing everywhere like fucking monkeys.

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