Severe Skull Fracture Photo – Car Accident Death

Severe Skull Fracture Photo - Car Accident Death

Most skull fracture photos we have seen on Best Gore were results of shotgun use with proper aiming (bad aiming typically results in blasted off face, but no holes in the skull). This severe skull fracture photo is not a result of a shotgun blast. It’s a result of a traffic accident and judging by the face, it happened in Thailand (unless someone can identify it better). The hairline is gay enough to fit a Thai, but pubes where grown men have beards confuse me.

As it goes with skull splatters, I betcha the eyes are perfectly fine. I can never understand the eyes when hard skull around comes cracking like dried up poop but soft eye tissue survives nigh untouched. Eyes fucking rock!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Severe Skull Fracture Photo – Car Accident Death”

  1. Ozeania- NAW, that ain’t a shirt tag. It’s his underwear tag. He is such a retard he has to have directions which side goes to his “ass.” πŸ˜‰

    Not only did he get a hole punched through his head, somebody gave him a KILLER WEDGEY too, thus the tag up by his head. πŸ™‚

  2. I hate that the comment link follows text that instructs you to comment if you “enjoyed” the post.Anyone that derived enjoyment from viewing this post needs to seek professional help or do society the favor of ridding it of themselves.I frequent sites like these as I am a med student.I find head trauma educational as my medical discipline is Neurology.The casual and humorous spirit in which people approach,view and comment on these vids and pics and NOT the vids and pics themselves is the sickest part of this site.It is my belief that when another human being suffers we should learn all we can from it and be appreciative of our own lives and take it as a cautionary tale.To laugh at such an account,to derive ANY pleasure from hearing about it or seeing the end result or to look forward to new content from sites such as this one is symptomatic of an unstable,potentially aggressive and antisocial personality.I’d ask you to picture someone you love up there,if any of you are capable of such an emotion.
    On a separate note the RACISM openly expressed here on this site is EQUALLY as disturbing.The pleasure that is derived from seeing minorities slaughtered and displayed.
    1.) By the placement of facial features and size of the skull this was obviously a young adult or adolescent.
    2.) By the epi folds and skin pigment this boy was either Thai or Filipino,and makes absolutely NO difference given His unfortunate circumstances.
    The only fortunate thing is that this person did not suffer.The tragedy here is the loss of life and the way this human being (taken from this Earth prematurely) would’ve then had to be presented to His family for burial.If you leave a comment on something like this one would think there’d be a RIP or a remark about how this is at least unfortunate.May God show all of you an amount of mercy in death proportionate to the amount of respect that you give to people in life.May He RIP.

    1. dude… seriously?

      calm down mr. “med student”

      its a pic
      people DO have opinions.

      is it really that big of a deal
      if they say its funny?
      who cares.
      really dude.

      haha XD
      I still love this pic btw,
      am I a pscho?
      nah. just love to laugh at death.

      But thank you for taking the time
      to “inform” us, with all your wisdom πŸ™‚

  3. Hello TEC09 and welcome to the internet. Judging by your comment, you have just discovered it. I know it may seem overwhelming, given how much information is at your fingerprint, but as you grow up, you will see that it’s easy to handle. Internet is awesome, enjoy it.

  4. Hey…TEC09,
    or not so much…
    You type fast\You think too much…
    you took time away from sucking precious cock to annoy us that, are here for entertainment….
    I mean sometimes, somedays…it just isn’t worth chew through those four in. leather-straps…
    climb a fence and, commit a home-invasion in order to log-in here ,look at some porn &eat a sandwich a few miles from home!

  5. This TEC cunt appears not only to write, but doubtless think in cliches. Sorta idealistic young prick that’s got through life so far simply saying and believing everything he’s told. Should keep his grubby nose out of this site.

  6. What this TEC09 guy doesn’t understand is that many people who likes to watch gory pics and videos do so out of curiosity but in many cases they do so out of their own fear for death, in the end all of us will have to confront that moment, but for many looking at this material is a way to desensitize themselves, and if they comment irreverently or with macho bravado or even say that it looks funny is just a substitute responese based on their real fear from death, a moment nobody wants to face but that will inevitably come to us sooner or later, and lets hope not in a horrific way as many of the pics and videos in this site!.

  7. life’s a bitch ain’t it. Over 200,000 Haitians died not so long ago. About 150,000 people die a day which brings about 60million people dying a year. Yet our population of homo sapiens grow which is currently about 6.9billion people. Pretty soon us sentient beings will become overpopulated and will have to face planet migration or else we will have a huge fights for resources. Diplomacy will not matter. Men will probably turn to cannibalism and fend for one’s self & family. Life is precious yet we bring ourselves down by Orthodox and reliance on others. I hope that one day we may all die peacefully or live with “impossible empathy and peace” I have hopes for humanity” I wish for all living beings on earth and if ever future sentient beings to visit and walk on the planet earth to have a better tomorrow.

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