Short Video of Traffic Accident Fatality with Head Crushed

Short Video of Traffic Accident Fatality with Head Crushed

This short video is from ParaΓ­ba, Brazil. It depicts a traffic accident victim laying on the road with head crushed.

I don’t otherwise have any background info, but I hear the word “moto” mentioned several times in the video. There is also what looks like tire tracks next to the fatality on the road. Perhaps the victim was a motorcyclist riding without a helmet who got run over by a truck?

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    1. He had begged the crusher for he wanted his Head split in two equal halves …….
      The guy had a pretty water melonish head to go with all that shirt and the bermudas
      fuck it.then …… there lay splattered everything inside out about a litre or more of magenta color .
      A canvas a brush will do for now
      He has done his part painting the town red

        1. @blucon From what I think you’re saying, sounds like Creep Show 2 “The Hitchhiker” when the lady killed that hitchhiker who was going to Dover, and then she started seeing him every mile or so down the road, after she fled the scene.

          1. @re-pete, I think you’ve found your calling!!! Interpreter! I don’t even need to look at username to know who’s talking generally, but sometimes I have to read @blucons twice or more, so thank you…..
            I enjoy your comments, they keep me on my toes!

  1. Yes, there is a lot of “moto” being spoken:

    “It cutted him in half”

    “Look out, a motocycle’s coming”

    “Where is his motocycle?”

    “Ah, his motocycle is there in the street barrier”

    You have good listening πŸ˜€

  2. Heck! You guys are a bunch of sick puppies, hehe lol.
    It’s Good Friday, what are you lot doing logged into BG?

    I think you lot should contemplate the most important gore of all time – the torture and execution of Jesus Christ.

    Having said that, that is one screwed up accident in the pic above. I hope he is going to be alright.

      1. Why u gotta be a dick about it? Leave @mrspock alone. He has a right to his opinion. (Unless you were just being sarcastic) but if you’ve ever read up on how a person would die from crucifixion, it IS pretty grueling and gory. Just saying.

          1. Shit, if I were your MUM, I’d have cut my throat a long time ago kid!
            OK, I’m done. I’m done! πŸ˜† I don’t need everyone getting all pissed at me again. πŸ˜‰

          2. Aww @illegalsmile55
            Damn, that actually choked me up :'(
            You guys are so awesome. I can always count on my BG family to be there for me. I think I’m just sad cuz it’s my first easter since the divorce, even though she’d already left me by this time last year.
            And to make it worse, I’m stuck in bed with a fever. No easter fun for me this year πŸ™
            Just me and my kitty and Netflix. Yeah, I’m having a pity party. Maybe I do need a Snickers bar. ….mmmmm chocolate!

      1. How many Cadbury eggs have you had already Cory?, don’t lie. Do you know who sells those Kentucky mints? Those white colored mints with that green sorta chewy dot in the middle. They disappeared off the markets where I live πŸ™

          1. I just looked them up on line and its Branchs that carries them, and all the store I know replaced that brand with an inferior brand. Oh well, I guess I was the only one who liked them πŸ™

          2. I hate it when that happens lol @re-pete
            Or like when you find out that favorite cereal you ate for years as a kid was suddenly discontinued for “no real reason”. Then as an adult you find out that it was causing cancer or something! Smh…

  3. The hell with on the ground, look at who passes by. IT’S 2 GUYS ON A MOTORCYCLE!! If not doing their own killing they like taking in the scenery of other dead bodies on their way to racking up more numbers to their body count.

  4. Now, that’s a good Brazilian!

    Alright guys. I’ll share this with you quick. I had a part-time job at a T-Mobile store while in college. It was a small store so it was usually only me and my manager at the late shift. Tell me why we always had this illegal Brazilian immigrant always trying to make me open accounts for him on others peoples names and demanding new phones for free?

    I was like almost forced to inform him politely every fucking time that we don’t do that because it’s illegal following the question: Anything else I CAN’T help you with? he would reply in Brazilian: o que? sem telefones gratuitos? n?o regalado? meaning no phones for free? I would be like: NO! Then, the guy would hang around the store pretending to be reading one of our phone plans pamphlets while I was helping other customers. When other customers would leave the store. He would come back to the register again and start over with his bullshit.

    The memory of him wasting my time and the constant thought of the possibility of being robbed one night or worst by this dude got me angry for a while.

    This site and my current Brazilian girlfriend are helping me cope with the past better! Lol…

    (Now I find out he had all the qualifications of a DaSilva)

  5. Yes and this is why I had a big argument with the last guy who drive the motor last time, me on the back, both no helmet, and he speeding ridiculously through a mountain in India at dark.

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