Short Video of Traffic Accident Vitim with Crotch Destroyed

Short Video of Traffic Accident Vitim with Crotch Destroyed

This short video was filmed in Thailand and shows a victim of a traffic accident with crotch destroyed.

Aside from having had his bollocks ripped off, the victim appears to have a severe road rash on the front of his upper body, but that part is mostly covered with a towel. He’s definitely in a world of pain and has a very long road to recovery from this. Needless to say, he’ll never be the same.

63 thoughts on “Short Video of Traffic Accident Vitim with Crotch Destroyed”

  1. I squashed my right nut between my arse and bike seat while on my paper round many years ago . I can still feel the pain if I think of it .

    This guys pain must surely rate as a ten , no wonder he’s having his brow fanned .

    1. FuCk man, I remember doing that a lot as a kid, one time I was fooling around with some chick and she was a cock tease, I had blue balls so bad and I hopped on mydirt bike, what a mistake that was, that pain was brutal

  2. The good news is that he can now find employment as a eunuch in charge of his own harem but I suppose that would be like giving a pair of gloves to a man with no hands and therefore would only act as a cruel reminder of his unfortunate accident.

    I guess he is stuck with being a castrato singer, the only problem with this path is that he will be competing against his fellow castrato Justin Beiber.

        1. please – misspelling that punk-arse-lady-boys name puts @Empty soul up another notch in my book. he fills his superior data cruncher with useful knowledge and gives no quarter to the superfluous flotsam excreted by zion propagandists and sent floating through the sewer of so-called popular media like a rotted corpse on the river ganges

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