Show Off Biker Hits Two Girls and Cracks His Head

Show Off Biker Hits Two Girls and Cracks His Head

The year was 2001. The place was Voronezh, Russia. Organizers of a soccer game hired a biker to provide entertainment for the audience during a break. Inexperienced as he was, biker lost control of his motorcycle and flew into the crowd, hitting two girls and smashing his head into a concrete wall.

The way the biker stiffs up after the impact is pretty epic. You can tell his brain froze and his neck snapped. The unfortunate girls just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t know what to do to get out of the way quickly enough. They never saw that coming.

I only ride motorcycles recreationally, but this show off looked like he didn’t even know what he was doing. Nothing like putting on the show before you actually master your craft. There probably is a point about wearing safety helmets when riding motorcycles in this video too. Headbutting a concrete wall without a helmet is bound to leave the mark.

Unfortunately I don’t know for sure whether this mishap resulted in any casualties or not. The girls may have survived, but I’d be surprised is mister no-helmet headbutt made it.

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63 thoughts on “Show Off Biker Hits Two Girls and Cracks His Head”

  1. i guess all of them didn’t make it. Why the fuck would someone hire a newbie like him? must be bragging so much he convinced the organizers that he is good enough.
    He got what he deserves tho. Pity the two girls who were unaware of what will happen to them.

      1. If all goes, what will be left? Remove impurity, retain and selectively breed the remaining fraction until the desired purity is attained. Genes are like mouldable, malleable putty; any species on this Earth can be evolved into any other given proper influence and enough time. Breeding partially impure to pure won’t take too long.

        1. It’s like we are expeicancing backwards-evolution. Like the movie “Idiocoricy” The first 15 minutes of it were the best 15 minutes of it. However, it seems on point.
          Wal-Mart employees are just the tip of the iceburg.

  2. Wow, where to start. First off, how fucking embarrising to fuckup so badly in front of a HUGE FUCKING AUDIANCE.
    Weird how a firly mild crash could KILL that many people. (no, if it was the BRAZILAN DEATH CLASH BIKE WRECK WITH GUN SHOT SOUND, then yha. Understandable) He got a high speed wobble at like 7 m.p.h. He could have clicked it into nutral and stopped in about 6 feet. Oh well.
    Pretty good veiw of what took place.
    Greatful for that.

      1. No fucking doubt. I graduated high school 16 years ago, gone to trade schools, am a total fuck head and I can’t spell for shit.
        Sometimes I do remember to proof read BEFORE and not after….I wonder why it’s so hard to remember BEFORE….NOT after hitting the button.

        Fucking retards.

    1. You are right. They are all dead – two women (supply manager and medic) and biker.
      When four guys carry someone on a stretcher commentator at the stadium say: “Don’t worry. It was just planned” 0_o
      Sorry for my English ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. stupid will get you dead quick on a bike. i used to ride 4 of them before getting fucked up in a CAR accident. i love bikes. best form of land transportation. quick, economical, and easy to park anywhere. highly dangerous but thats part of the attraction. i was known as ghost mouse.

      1. well i did not know this site existed back in august 2003 when the accident happened. i managed to fracture and dislocate my left hip. the x ray looks gnarly with all the pins and screws needed to fix it. wish i knew how to post it but i’m pretty computer illeterate

  4. I use motorcycles as a way of transportation since 2005, I recognize I did a lot of dumb stuff when I started (I’m 25 now) and I’m glad I got a second chance in life. At first glance it looks like there’s enough space to brake there but the terrain was dirt, very slippy, the guy didn’t take that into account, and he was not proficient enough to slam the brakes and drift the bike to a stop.

    1. The more I look at this the more I can’t understand how he failed to regain control. He has both hands on the handles but obviously failed to apply the brake? A professional stunt rider, he must have fallen off bikes all his life. Unless he panicked. Just seems odd.

  5. “Hey Petrov, I got that helmet you requ-….Oh wait…”
    I ride a bike and I’ve been down twice due to weather. First time sucked ass, road rash and a twisted back. I sat at home wanting to die for three days, eventually got better, and got back on the road. Second time the bike got it worse than me. That was six years ago. I repaired the bike and still ride it. Also, I don’t wear a helmet. I’m not sure what’s worse, a broken neck or a busted skull. I suppose I don’t wear one because I invite death. I’m a daredevil and my wife doesn’t understand why I enjoy cliff diving and skydiving. One day the chute won’t open and it will be beautiful. Killer video of one fucktard killing two more.

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