Small Plane Crashes Into Dragstrip and Explodes in Akureyri, Iceland

Small Plane Crashes Into Dragstrip and Explodes in Akureyri, Iceland

TF-MYX Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Air Ambulance from Air Myflug with three people on board, crashed into the dragstrip of a racing club in Akureyri, Iceland, killing the captain and ambulance man, but the co-pilot, Axel Albert Jensen, survived.

The aircraft exploded into a huge fireball as it slammed into the ground. One of the flagmen on the racetrack froze in disbelief at the sight of the explosion, but then ran towards the billowing smoke after his colleague.

Icelandic investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash, which happened on August 5, 2013, but there are speculations that it was a miscalculated fly-by that went wrong, or that the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing at the drag strip because he could not make it to the airport.

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  2. He wasn’t trying to make an emergency landing, he was trying to fly along the drag strip so the drag racer could race the plane. The car was waiting for the plane. The aircraft was “clean” (gear and flaps up) and hauling ass (doing at least 200 knots) and in a sharp left turn pulling g’s to align with the drag strip. The pilot, not being a good US Navy fighter pilot and not able to properly control his lift vector while pilling g’s, fucked it up.

  3. That was definitely a flyby that went wrong. No wheels or flaps down, and he’s goin around 170 knots. You can see them try too late to lift the left wing level before they hit the deck. It’s amazing the guy survived that, musta been a hell of a ride. Some onboard footage would be trippy. Awesome post.

    1. Thank you so much, on behalf of the retarded community that you seem to have wandered away from.

      You’re a typical fucktard who knows nothing about flight, flight dynamics nor much of shit, in general. I do give you credit for sticking to what you seem very good at: Being a retard.

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  4. Sorry for posting so much, but I can almost promise you that this crash was due to an engine loss. I’d say with almost 100% certainty that it was the left engine as this is a classic asymmetric yaw/roll.

    If a pilot isn’t current on single engine operating procedures, this is what happens in almost every case of an engine failure on departure. It’s an attention getting event if you ARE very good at reacting correctly to it.

    An old saying in aviation that applies: “The reason there are two engines is so the unskilled pilot can fly to the accident scene if they lose an engine.” So true.

    Still: RIP to the passengers and a fellow aviator.

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