Small Plane Crashes Into House, Killing Five in Brazil

Small Plane Crashes Into House, Killing Five in Brazil

Five people were killed when a small plane crashed into a house in Balsas, state of MaranhΓ£o, Brazil. The plane landed on a home in the Dr. Rosi Cury Street in the Neighbourhood of Catumbi. A woman, identified as “Francisca”, was, along with her daughter and grandson, taken to hospital. The pilot of the aircraft, identified as “Delano”, died in the crash alongside his wife. The identities of the other three victims have not been released and no word yet on the cause of the crash.

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    1. This is from back in 2014

      Search You tube for the outside videos:
      Avi?o cai em cima de casa em Balsas e deixa cinco mortos

      Here is the translation of the text on the video page:

      Ferries – a small aircraft crashed on top of a house on Rua Dr. Rosi Cury, Catumbi district, on ferries. The accident left at least five dead. The first information are that the airplane has reached a house, in which was a family around 6h of this Sunday (3). All the victims were occupants of the aircraft and followed for Teresina, Piau?. An elderly lady, her grandson, his daughter, the pilot and his wife followed him to the capital piau? for a medical transfer. The identities of the victims have still not been made public.

        1. For some reason your comment made me ponder something Der… I wonder how long it will be before we start to see videos of terrorists rigging bombs to small commercially available drones and blowing people up. They haven’t really explored that segment of the Jihad market yet…seems like it would have some potential.

          1. Oh Uncle Sam is having all drone owners register the aircraft with the FAA so there is NO WAY any Towel Head Jed would be able to break existing laws and load explosives upon it to use against U.S. Citizens.

        2. @Der my luck it would be a damn 747 Boeing 0_o……

          @Dos that is an interesting thought…. While it would be easy to attach a payload to a drone a fly it into a crowd or open window, most civilian drones are not large enough to fly with a sizeable payload if using anything less than pure blasting powder or congealed C4. So they would need to gain access to military grade drones which being Western backed would be easy but it would also spot light how involved the west is with Isis even to the sheeple. Civilian drones are also restricted by distance to the operator as well as obstacles such as buildings blocking signal, to me it would only make sense to deploy a drone if someone wanted to not only survive the explosion but possibly get away with the crime as well, we all know you can’t get your 72 virgins if you survive πŸ˜‰ … Just my thoughts on the subject anyway.

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  1. There’s always a risk in flight travel. No one knows when or how you’ll die but when you step on a plane, you kinda do especially one that is falling and if the plane didn’t lose pressure you’d still be conscious to acknowledge you’re about to die. Crazy sad.

    1. they say car is the most dangerous transport in world…
      but at least, in car yo have airbag, belt and hard structure create specially for accident

      in plane, you just have a fucking safety jacket and oxygen mask….. and they expect this going to save you if you crash from 15000m at 700km/h

      i know they cant do some thing for secure plane (such as parachute, because of altitude).. but still, they can work on some system that detach the different parts of an plane, such as unlock wings and rear, and allow only the plane “cylinder” to stay in one reinforced piece. as this piece can “roll” on floor without the hard hit from the rear and lateral wings.
      imo this make plane more secure…no idea if they have test this, but i m sure its better idea than actual planes security systems

        1. dat the idea. its similar to the high price car like ferrari and else that can split in part for separate engine and life places.
          separate the wings and rear of an plane will allow it to get less impact on floor, smallest devastation zone and higher level to survive a crash

    1. “Solve for X.”

      X = 1800 pissed off and illegally searched and groped, late passengers waiting in a stationary conga line to take off at O’Hare, delayed 90 minutes already because United is deplaning flight 642 on the runway due to a blind man’s Labrador service dog being too big to fit under the seat in front of his owner. Oh, and it’s snowing in Chicago now. They expect a foot and a half of accumulation during the next three hours so you’re probably going to be loaded on a bus to get to New York. You might get there by Saturday afternoon to get your connection abroad at 11:00 A.M. today.

      Happy flying!

      I sure hate word problems! They are too realistic for me.

  2. Great news about the plane crash in Brazil killing 5 people.
    Nobody on the plane was injured.

    Everyone is praising the miraculous skill of the pilot of the Brazilian small plane for crash-landing his plane on top of a Bar-B-Que grill.
    After they were done, they were immediately served with rice, beans and Bar-B-Que sauce. Hmmm, delicious!

    Cooked sexual organs are a delicasy in Brazil.

  3. nothing resist better than an ikea kitchen…even resist to plane

    one people have say :
    ” its in the human nature to use the best equipment for the kitchen. because the last place where you probably go in final is in the oven ”
    (cant remember exactly who say this)

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